Sexy underwear cheongsam size

Sexy underwear cheongsam size

1. What is the size of a sexy lingerie cheongsam size?

Fun underwear cheongsam large size refers to the sexy underwear with large size and cheongsam style design.Traditional cheongsam design is usually high -necked, short -sleeved, and long skirts.The big size of sexy underwear cheongsam combines it with modern sexy design, which not only shows the dignified and elegant beauty of women, but also expresses the sexy and tempting taste.

2. What kind of women are suitable for wearing?

Interesting underwear cheongsam is suitable for women with full figure, both bust, waist or hips, generosity.Because cheongsam design allows people’s sight more on the chest, waist and hips of large -size women, making them look more sexy and charming.

3. Sexy underwear cheongsam big size style

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There are many styles of sexy underwear cheongsam size, and several of them are more common styles::

Ordinary models: Generally speaking, the design of the large -size size of sexy underwear cheongsam is relatively simple, which is mainly reflected in color and fabric. The color is more common in red, black, and purple, and the main goal of the fabric is soft and comfortable.

Lace model: Lace is more common in the tricks of sexy underwear cheongsam, because lace can not only visually add sexy taste, but also make the touch more soft and delicate. Generally speaking, it is a good choice.

Spoof model: The split style is a more popular design in recent years. It can fully show women’s slender legs, thereby further adding sexy taste, but also has relatively high body requirements.

4. Selection skills of sexy underwear cheongsam size

When choosing sexy underwear cheongsam, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Fabric: It is necessary to be soft and comfortable, but also have the characteristics of anti -fading and abrasion resistance;

Size: Try to choose according to your actual size to avoid being too tight or too loose;

Style: Choose suitable for your own style according to your body characteristics, which is both beautiful and comfortable;


Color: Choose the color according to personal preferences. If you are not sure, you can choose the traditional red, black or purple.

5. Suggestions

Fun underwear cheongsam can be worn alone, or you can wear other clothing.If you want to add temptation, you can match high heels, stockings, lace shawls, etc., from head to toe to reflect the sexy and charming of women.

6. Daily maintenance

The size of the sexy underwear cheongsam is the same as other sexy lingerie, and it needs to be carefully maintained.When cleaning, avoid brushing machine washing, do not expose the sun, do not put it in a humid environment, do not wash it with other clothes, pay attention to folding when storing to avoid squeezing deformation.

7. Note

Interesting underwear cheongsam large size should pay attention to the following aspects:

Avoid stacking with jewelry, belt, etc. to avoid damaging fabrics;

Do not wear in high temperature environments to avoid deformation;

In summer, you can choose thin fabrics to avoid being too hot;

Pay attention to the right underwear matching, try to avoid lace or other patterns with pattern and edges, so as not to wear the skin during wearing.

8. The price of the big size of the sexy lingerie cheongsam

The price of a big size of sexy underwear cheongsam is slightly higher than other erotic lingerie, usually between hundreds and thousands of yuan.The price is related to factors such as fabric quality, design style, brand and other factors.

9. Interesting underwear cheongsam large size market prospects

Interesting underwear cheongsam size is more novel in the domestic market, but it has been loved and sought after by many consumers.It can be seen that the future development prospects of sexy underwear cheongsam are worth looking forward to.

10. Summary view

The diversity of the style design, size matching, and matching method of erotic underwear cheongsam provides more choices for large size women.When choosing and matching, you need to pay attention to maintenance and wear skills to avoid unnecessary problems.At the same time, the prospects of fun underwear cheongsam size in the market cannot be ignored.Therefore, this is a good choice for large -size women who like sexy underwear.