Paris sex lingerie display pictures

Paris sex lingerie display pictures

Paris sex lingerie display pictures


As a fashion capital, Paris also has a pivotal position in the field of sexy underwear.Every year, the sex underwear exhibition will attract buyers and audiences from all over the world.This article will present some pictures of the Paris Foch Underwear Show, let everyone see these fascinating sexy underwear.

European and American style

European and American sexy underwear is sexy and bold in design.Deep V -neck, hollow, lace, shoulder strap design elements can be seen.These underwear usually use bright colors, such as red, gold, silver, etc.

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Japanese fresh

In contrast to European and American styles, Japanese -style sexy underwear is more fresh and artistic.Designers will choose some soft and natural colors, such as pink and light blue.In the design, some soft and waxy fabrics are used, which not only feel comfortable, but also cute and sexy.

Lace temptation

Lace is a material commonly used in sexy underwear design, because it not only has texture, but also enhances women’s sexy.At the Paris Infusion Underwear Show, you can see that many styles use lace elements. From solid color to printed models and lace lace on the underwear, it can bring indescribable temptation.

Supermodel Show

In order to show the effect of sexy underwear, the Paris Fun underwear will also invite supermodels to display.The supermodel body is perfect, and it is amazing to show the sexy underwear to the fullest.They danced charming, and the erotic underwear wearing it seemed to be a artwork.

Adult underwear area

In addition to the general emotional and interesting underwear, there is also an adult underwear area at the Paris Foch Underwear Show.The underwear displayed here is not just sexy underwear, but also pays more attention to use, such as open crotch underwear, restraint suits, simulated leather clothes, etc.These adult underwear styles are diverse, suitable for people who like to try new things.

Three -point underwear


Three -point underwear is a sexy underwear that uses light and light fabrics and lace fabrics to expose the chest and lower body.With its bold design, this underwear makes women exudes unparalleled sexy atmosphere.At the Paris sex underwear exhibition, three -point underwear is a common style.

Pocket underwear

Pocket underwear is a portable underwear that can be put in pocket.The pocket underwear at the Paris sex lingerie exhibition is surprisingly wins, a variety of styles, and clever design.Such underwear is very suitable for women who like to travel, and can be replaced at any time.

Bathrobe style

Many styles of bathrobes can also be seen at the Paris Foch Underwear Show.These bathrobes are not only used for bathing, but also as a matching underwear.These bathrobes are exquisitely designed and the fabrics are very comfortable, which can meet women’s needs for underwear and home clothing.

Classic black and white color scheme

The classic black and white color schemes at the Paris sex lingerie exhibition has become the main color of many brands.The sexy and elegant black and white often interlaced each other, creating a richer emotional atmosphere.The sexy lingerie of black and white coloring can make women more elegant and sexy.


The Paris Foch underwear exhibition provides people with a platform to show sexy charm and personality charm.Through these pictures, we can see the rich and diverse design of sexy underwear, which can meet various needs in women’s imagination.For women, sexy underwear is not only a dress, but also a mood.