Sexy underwear female temptation big size

Sexy underwear female temptation big size

1. Soft material is the key to large -size sexy lingerie

When choosing a large -size sexy underwear, it depends on the soft and comfortable material.This is because excessive materials can make it difficult for large -size sexy underwear to be personal, and smooth materials will also limit the plasticity of large -size sexy underwear.Therefore, it is the key to find a soft material suitable for large -size bust, waist and hips.It is best to choose a soft and comfortable material, such as cotton, silk, lace, etc.

2. Deep V -neck design can increase the degree of sexy

For large -size erotic lingerie, deep V -neck design can increase sexy.This is because the deep V -neck design can enhance the three -dimensional and layered feel of the chest, and can better show the beauty of women.And the deep V -neck design can also highlight the women’s neck line, making the entire shape more slender.

3. Lace splicing design improves the degree of beauty

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Lace splicing is a classic design element that can improve the aesthetic level of large -size sexy underwear.In contrast, monotonous woolen or cotton fabrics look too dull and monotonous.However, when choosing lace stitching sexy underwear, be careful not to be too strong. It is recommended to choose a simple and bright design.

4. Thin thin shoulder straps with sexy exposed design

The thin thin shoulder strap and sexy exposure design are common design elements in large -size sexy underwear.In comparison, the thick shoulder strap not only reduces the overall sexy level, but also makes it easier to expose traces. It is better to choose a thin thin shoulder strap.In addition, exposed design can not only increase the degree of sexy, but also better show women’s personalization and innovative taste.

5. Peugeot lace design adds romantic mood

Peugeot lace is one of the important design elements that increase the romantic mood of large -size sexy underwear.The lace design can not only increase the aesthetics of large -size sexy underwear, but also reflect the delicate emotions of women.It is worth mentioning that lace should be used reasonably instead of rolling around, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

6. Waist design adjusts the proportion of women’s body

The waist design is a common design element in large -size sexy underwear, which can effectively adjust the proportion of women’s figure and add sexy.Because the waist design can increase the ratio up, shorten the segmentation line of the upper and lower body, making women’s figure look more slender.Especially for obese women, the waist design can play a role in covering the shortcomings and highlight the advantages.

7. The design suitable for your body proportion is more important

For large -size sexy lingerie, the design suitable for your body proportion is the most important.Especially for large -size women, it is not possible to blindly pursue fashion and brands.You should choose a large -size sexy underwear suitable for your body proportions and needs, so as to better show your advantages and personality charm.

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8. Proper use of color matching to highlight personality

The color matching of large -size sex lingerie is also very important. Proper color matching can better highlight personality and innovation.In addition to the classic black and white and gray, in large -size sexy underwear, you can also try dark blue, dark red, dark green and other dark colors.In addition, you can also use distinctive soft colors, such as pink, champagne, lilac, etc., highlighting women’s softness and romantic temperament.

9. Reasonable selection of suitable styles to highlight sexy

In terms of the style of large -size sexy underwear, you need to choose reasonably according to your body characteristics to truly highlight the sexy.You can choose some V -neck -style sexy underwear, splicing lace lace, etc., which are very suitable for large -size women.Of course, when wearing a large -size sexy underwear, be careful not to expose excessive exposure, not in line with identity and occasions.

10. Viewpoint: Only believe yourself is the most beautiful

When choosing a large -size sexy underwear, the most important thing is to believe in yourself and dare to show your beauty and charm.It is the most beautiful performance to wear a large -size sexy underwear that is suitable for you to show the curve and temperament of women.