Where to throw sex underwear

Interesting underwear, you should not throw it away

Sexy underwear is a private item, and they have the most intimate relationship with our body.When we wear them, we can feel great confidence and vitality.But when they lose their use, what should we do?

Don’t throw away, but upgrade

The first way of processing is to upgrade sex underwear into other supplies.For example, it can be used as fitness clothing or even dance clothing.Their design and materials are very suitable for fitness and dance, and can inject more vitality and confidence into you.

Donation is a better choice

If you are not good at processing sexy underwear by yourself, you can donate them to the institution.This method does not waste your sexy underwear, but gives them to those in need.For example, some women’s asylum or sex health institutions often seek such donations.

You can sell your sexy underwear

Sometimes you may be tired of your sexy underwear, so you can sell them.If they are still very new, then you can sell them in the second -hand commodity market.Alternatively, you can sell them on the network platform, such as eBay or Facebook market.

Try to negotiate in exchange for discounts

If you want to buy new sexy underwear and offset a part of the cost, then you can try to negotiate with your retailer.In most cases, they will provide you with some discounts, especially when you buy the same product in the store, you will get more discounts.

Repeat your sexy underwear

Sometimes, sexy underwear can be used many times.As long as you carefully clean them with a cleaner, you can use it again.This is not just economy, it can also help reduce waste and be more friendly to the environment.

Used as a cultural and creative design

If you are a literary youth, then you can use sexy underwear for cultural and creative design.For example, you can participate in some cultural events, such as carnival, design your own art works, or make some handicrafts.

Used for DIY design

If you like DIY design, you can use sexy underwear for your own design.For example, you can use it as cushion, bedside decoration, or bag decoration.These DIY designs will make sexy underwear more useful.


The encrypted items should be placed in a private place.You can hide them in a safe place, such as the bottom layer of the wardrobe or the innermost drawer.This can prevent your personal items from being discovered and exposed by others.

Choose the right storage method

Interest underwear is usually made of exquisite materials and design. In order to maintain its quality and beauty, we need to choose the appropriate storage method.The best way is to put them in a covered box so that they can prevent them from being exposed to dust and sunlight.

No matter which method you choose, you should not easily throw away your sexy underwear.They can become very useful in some cases, and in other cases, they can contribute to others.Remember, sexy underwear is a unique item, and you should find a unique and valuable purpose for them.

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