Where is the source of sexy underwear hair

Secrets of sexy underwear source

As a sexual underwear with sexual underwear, which has always attracted much attention.However, most people do not understand the origin of sexy underwear.So, which country did sex underwear originate?

The rise of Chinese sex lingerie

The history of sexy underwear can be traced back to ancient times, but the real birthplace is China.In ancient times, Chinese women have begun to use silk, cotton and other materials to make sexy underwear.In modern times, with the development of society, sexy underwear began to emerge in China.

The popularity of Japanese sex lingerie

Although the origin of sexy underwear is China, Japan is one of the earliest countries in the world to promote sex underwear.Japanese sexy underwear is mainly cute and sexy, and is welcomed by many young women.

Innovation of American erotic underwear

Compared with Japan’s sexy underwear, sexy underwear in the United States pays more attention to personalization and innovation.There are a large number of sexy underwear brands in the United States and different design styles, bringing more choices to consumers.

French sex lingerie luxury

French sexy underwear is mainly luxurious and noble. Its design style is mainly exquisite and elegant, suitable for high -end consumers.French sex lingerie brands represent high quality and high prices.

The fashion of Italian sexy underwear

The design style of Italian sexy underwear is mainly fashionable, pursuing modern and unique styles, suitable for young people.At the same time, Italy’s sexy underwear production technology is very good and high quality, providing consumers with the best enjoyment.

The practicality of German erotic underwear

German sexy underwear is mainly practical. The design style is simple, comfortable, and cost -effective.At the same time, the quality of German sex lingerie is very reliable and loved by consumers.

Australian sexy underwear health

Australian sexy underwear is pursuing health, simple design style, comfortable, and green and environmentally friendly.Australia’s sexy underwear is innovative, and at the same time, it focuses on the protection of underwear on health.

Brazilian erotic underwear fanatical

Brazilians are proud of their bodies. Brazil’s sexy lingerie is famous for its own personality. It is suitable for open and enthusiastic people.Brazil’s sexy underwear has won a wide range of customer groups with clever design and high quality.


Although the origin of sexy underwear is in China, countries around the world have their unique erotic underwear culture and tradition.Under the influence of the interesting culture of these countries, the interesting underwear industry has gone through continuous innovation and development, incorporating more fashion, personality, and artistic elements into it, becoming part of the cannot be ignored in the development of modern culture.

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