The surname, the sister, wearing a sexy underwear


The young lady who is surnamed is a kind of visual enjoyment that wears sexy underwear.But what exactly is the wearing sex underwear?Let’s find out together.

The choice when wearing a sex lingerie

When wearing a sexy underwear, you must first choose the appropriate style according to your image and temperament.For girls with fresh temperament, you can choose some light and transparent sexy underwear; sexy and charming girls can choose some low -cut and back -up styles.

Style classification

The style of sexy underwear can generally be divided into three types: tight, lace and silk.The tights are suitable for wearing a proportion of girls, which can highlight the lines of the body; the lace model is suitable for girls with full breasts to increase the sexy atmosphere; the silk model is suitable for girls with good skin texture to create a soft texture.

Color matching

The color selection of sexy underwear is also very important. The color can be selected according to the temperament and occasion of the person.For example, if you wear sexy underwear in daily life, you can choose some light -colored styles, such as pink, pale yellow, etc.; And on special occasions, such as party, you can choose some bright colors of sexy underwear, such as red, Purple and so on.

Quality choice

The quality of erotic underwear is also very important. You must choose a soft and comfortable and breathable fabric.Do not choose too cheap sexy underwear to avoid adverse effects on the skin.


If you want to wear a sexy underwear, you must match the clothing outside.For example, wearing a white shirt or jacket to cover part of the sexy underwear, which is both covered, but also sexy and mysterious.


The maintenance and maintenance of sexy underwear is also important.First, wash according to the instructions to avoid using bleach and powerful cleaners; secondly, avoid sunlight exposure to avoid fading.

the way of buying

The channel for buying sexy underwear is also critical. If you buy sexy underwear online, you must choose regular channels to avoid buying fake and inferior sexy underwear.

The role of sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear is not only to attract the attention of others, but also to increase self -confidence and happiness to women.When a woman feels a charm in her heart, it will bring a great improvement to the image of the whole person.

Applicability in different occasions

Interest underwear is not suitable for all occasions, and different styles need to be selected according to different occasions.For example, when you go out with your friends, you can choose a more casual sexy underwear, and in formal occasions, you need to choose some decent styles.

in conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear should pay attention to details, not only choose the right style according to your body and temperament, but also consider the details of color and clothing.But the most important thing is that wearing sexy underwear should make yourself feel comfortable and confident, not just to cater to the eyes of others.

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