The most expensive women’s sexy underwear map

The most expensive women’s sexy underwear map: take you into the luxurious world

As a specially designed clothing, women’s sex lingerie has high collection value.The most expensive women’s sexy lingerie is as high as millions of RMB, which is very luxurious.If you want to know the image and brand of the most expensive women’s sexy underwear, then you come to the place.In this article, we will take you into the luxurious world, appreciate the most expensive women’s sexy underwear pictures, and understand their brand and design concepts.

1. Unique and challenging design

The most expensive women’s sexy underwear adopts a unique and challenging design, covering a variety of styles and shapes.Some of them are transparent, and others are only covered with light silk.These underwear are made of hand -made, fabric high -end and unique brands, and each detail is very good.

2. La Perla -One of the highest -end brands

La Perla is one of the highest -end women’s sex lingerie brands in the world.The brand is famous for its high -quality materials, strict implementation standards and high -quality design styles.The prices of these brands of underwear often exceed hundreds of thousands of RMB, which is one of the expensive women’s sexy underwear.

3. Victoria’s Secret -the combination of charm and sexy

Victoria’s Secret is also a well -known female sexy underwear brand.This brand is characterized by unique design and luxurious style, and the combination of sexy and charm makes its underwear one of the world’s most popular female sexy lingerie.The price of the most expensive women in this brand usually exceeds hundreds of thousands of RMB.

4. Agent Provocateur -Bigity Brand

Agent Provocateur is another well -known female sexy underwear brand, which is famous for its unique and unique design style.The brand’s underwear often uses high -quality fabrics and precise sewing methods. It has ultra -high quality and comfort, and is one of the very expensive women’s erotic lingerie.


Jean-Paul Gaultier is a changeable designer brand.The brand often uses unique fabrics, such as plastic and fish nets for the production of underwear.This makes their underwear very special and expensive.

6. Cadolle -One of the oldest underwear brands

Cadolle is one of the oldest underwear brands, which was founded in 1889.The brand is famous all over the world with its high -quality, unique design style and excellent handmade.Cadolle’s most expensive women’s sexy lingerie prices can reach millions of RMB.

7. Carine Gilson -Luxury details and silhouettes

Carine Gilson is another very expensive female sexy lingerie brand.This brand pays attention to luxurious details and silhouettes, and uses high -quality materials to make underwear. Their prices are usually very expensive.If quality and aesthetics like it have nothing to do with price, this brand will be a very good choice.

8. Value exists objectively, not subjective feelings

In this article, we see the most expensive women’s sexy lingerie brands and prices in the world.For these very expensive underwear, different people have different views on their values. Some people think that these underwear cannot be understood, while others think they are precious artworks.However, value exists objectively. No matter what people think of them, these valuable women’s sexy underwear is style, luxurious, exquisite, and represents the highest level of design.

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