The boss asked me to wear sexy underwear and want

The boss asked me to wear sexy underwear and want

As a sales consultant for many years, I have seen and dealt with many weird needs.But a few days ago, I received my boss who asked me to wear sex underwear to attract customers. This really made me very embarrassing. Today, I want to share this experience with you, and how I will deal with this kind of professionals as a professionals.Condition.

1. Receive this request for the first time

When I heard my boss wearing a sexy underwear for the first time, I couldn’t believe my ears. The feeling of flushing my face continued for several minutes.If it is any stranger to ask for this, I will definitely refuse immediately, but the boss is the highest leader of the company, so I have to consider whether this requirement can be achieved.

2. Suspect your body

When considering this requirement, I started thinking about my body shape and sexy index.To wear sex underwear, you first need a suitable figure.I began to doubt whether my body shape was good and satisfactory.Then, I started to check my skin, especially the waist and legs, because they are usually the most exposed parts of sexy underwear.

3. Study the types of sexy underwear

After understanding my body and skin conditions, I started studying the types and styles of sexy underwear.I found that there are many different erotic underwear in the market, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult sexy underwear, European and American sex lingerie and Japanese sexy underwear.I need to choose a sexy underwear suitable for the company’s image according to the company’s needs.

4. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear that suits your body shape and the company’s image, pay attention to some details.For example, the size, quality, color and style of sexy underwear.Improper sex choice will make your body look unsightly. Improper color choice will make your image unshakable, and improper style choice will make the dress look too exaggerated, so it is important to choose a suitable sexy underwear.

5. Try to see sexual jacket

In order to ensure that the quality and style of the sexy underwear I wear meet the requirements, I decided to try this process.When trying to penetrate sexy underwear, I found that the types of sexy underwear and brands are very different.I tried to wear sexy underwear, and I finally understood the difference between good erotic underwear and ordinary erotic underwear.

6. Think about your bottom line

In the process of trying to wear sexy underwear, I suddenly started to think about what my bottom line was.Wearing a sexy underwear is to attract customers, but it is not good to wear unpleasant.I can’t compromise my bottom line to complete the boss’s requirements, and I need to find a discount method.

7. Find an alternative

In order to avoid wearing sex underwear on the company, I started looking for alternatives.I suggest using dolls or models to replace me to promote the company’s products and services.This is not only in line with the company’s image, but also avoids me uncomfortable in the company.

8. Summary

After working in the company for many years, I have learned how to make the best decisions based on the needs of myself and the company.The boss asked me to wear a sexy underwear. This is a challenge to me, but I tried to find a suitable solution.I believe that no matter what kind of problems are facing, as long as we keep calm, think about comprehensive, and find the best solution, we will be able to cope with various challenges and achieve success.

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