Domestic erotic underwear models have no code

Introduction: Domestic erotic underwear model uncoded incident

In recent days, a domestic sexy underwear model uncoded photos have been widely circulated on the Internet, causing widespread attention and heated discussion.This incident once again sounded the alarm clock, reminding us that the supervision of the sex underwear industry needs to be strengthened.

Overview of sexy underwear model industry

Interesting underwear models are an indispensable part of the sex lingerie industry. They provide vivid display for the matching underwear with their own figure and temperament.In China, the fun underwear model industry is still relatively new, the scale is not large, but the rapid development and market demand are high.

The responsibility of sexy underwear model

Interesting underwear models are mainly to promote the sexy underwear product line for the sexy underwear brand or sales platform. They can show the fun underwear to the public by walking show, taking photos, making business advertisements, etc.

Falling underwear model employment conditions

The conditions for sexy underwear models are relatively harsh.First of all, their body proportion needs to be very coordinated, with long legs, exquisite waist, beautiful collarbone, and moderate bust.Secondly, they need to be very confident and professional, and they can naturally and vividly show sexy underwear in front of the camera.

Interesting underwear model encounter

Sex underwear models are also challenged in their careers.One of the most common problems is the demand and over -repair of the body shape. This situation often misleads the models and consumers.

Analysis of erotic underwear model uncoded events

Models of a domestic sex underwear brand were exposed because of an uncoded incident.The crime of this incident lies not only in the model itself, but also the lack of supervision of the brand’s propaganda materials, which leads to these inappropriate photos to the Internet.

The status quo of sex underwear industry supervision

The status status of the sex underwear industry is relatively weak.At present, sex underwear is a special commodity in China. There is no unified international standards and related policies and regulations, which leads to chaotic market order and different standards.The management of the sexy underwear model industry is even more blank.

What should I do if the sexy underwear industry should do

First of all, relevant departments need to introduce relevant policies and regulations as soon as possible to standardize the sexy underwear industry.For the employment of sexy underwear models, personnel recruitment needs to be recruited in accordance with relevant standards and regulations.At the same time, enterprises should be stricter to the management and supervision of sexy underwear propaganda materials to avoid various problems.

Summary: The sexy underwear industry needs standardized management

Because of the lack of standards and management, the sexy underwear industry is still in a very immature state in China.In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers and promote the healthy development of the sexy underwear industry, we need to supervise and manage the sex underwear industry, and at the same time we need more industry and government support and participation.

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