Taobao’s famous sex underwear shop


There are many sexy underwear shops on Taobao, but only some shops are really famous and reputable.These shops offer various types of sexy underwear of various types, styles and colors. They are deeply loved by consumers, so they have received good evaluation and feedback.In the following articles, we will list some famous Taobao sexy underwear shops.


LOVEBIRD Lori Bird is a shop with sexual erotic lingerie as its main products.Its style and rich colors.This store has been widely recognized for its high -quality, high -value, and cost -effectiveness.After buying a lovebird’s sexy underwear, you will feel an unprecedented sexy and charm.

Girl wardrobe

Girl’s wardrobe is a Taobao shop that provides adults and underwear.Its product types include uniforms, underwear, suspenders, one -piece skirts, role -playing, leather and sex stockings, and so on.Girl’s wardrobe’s underwear is novel and fashionable. Each design can stimulate women’s confidence and sexy.

Lina family

The Lina family is an affordable sexy lingerie shop.It provides a variety of sexy underwear, pajamas and bodywear, with a variety of types and affordable prices.If you are looking for sexy underwear, but don’t want to spend too much money, then the Lina family will be your best choice.


Neurianno is a sexy underwear shop with the concept of "Sexy · Fashion · Art".Its products are not only high -value, but also more importantly, elegant temperament and reliable quality.If you want to buy some sexy underwear with high quality and show your style, Neuyinno should be your best choice.

Red velvet

Red Cloakdo is an experienced sexy underwear shop for many years.Its products have high quality, high value, and cost -effective, and are loved by consumers.This shop has the latest styles and colors, providing consumers with the best choice.

Pink bottle

Pink bottle is a sexy underwear shop that focuses on fashion matching.Its products are diverse, excellent quality, affordable, and are favored by young people.If you want to buy some fashionable and sexy sexy underwear, then pink bottle will be your best choice.

Gorgeous fragrance

Qili fragrance is a sexy underwear shop that focuses on comfort.It provides sexy underwear with a variety of styles, rich colors, and comfortable texture.Its product not only has a beautiful appearance, but also is comfortable with the fabric, good breathability, and very comfortable to the touch.If you have high requirements for comfort, then the beautiful aroma will be your best choice.

Dowle Instead

Duo Le fun underwear is a shop focusing on research and development and selling high -quality sexy underwear.Its product design is novel and diverse, with a variety of styles.If you want to buy some high -quality, high -quality, cost -effective sexy underwear, then fun and fun underwear is a choice that cannot be ignored.

Honey love lingerie

Honey love underwear is a shop that is mainly engaged in sexy underwear. Its products are diverse and novel.This shop is loved by consumers with its high quality and low price.If you want to play around the sexy underwear, honey love underwear is a place where you must not miss.

Sweet Orange Home Flagship Store

Sweet Orange Home Flagship Store is a shop that provides sexy underwear and home clothes.This shop focuses on women’s underwear, especially pajamas and home clothes.Its novel design and stylish style can not only meet your various needs, but also comfortable to make you feel extremely comfortable and free.


In summary, the above Taobao shops are full of sexy underwear shops loved by consumers.Of course, this is just some suggestions provided by people.When you buy sexy underwear on Taobao, you should choose according to your preferences and needs.Don’t forget that sexy underwear is an important element that reflects the charm and sexy of women. Therefore, you must choose a novel and high -quality sexy underwear in order to achieve the best results in terms of sexy charm.

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