Maximum erotic underwear area

Maximum erotic underwear area

Sexy underwear is a sexy, attractive underwear, which is welcomed by young people.Many people want to know where sexy underwear is produced.In fact, China is currently the world’s largest sexy underwear production.Below, let’s take a closer look at the situation of the most interesting underwear.

1. Guangdong is the largest province in sex underwear production

Guangdong is one of the most concentrated provinces in the production of sexy underwear in China.It is understood that the Pearl River Delta region is the center of China’s sexy lingerie manufacturing. Thousands of factories in Longjing, hot springs, and south are mainly from the production of affectionate underwear.Because it is located in the Pearl River Delta Economic Belt, convenient transportation, sufficient raw material supply, and relatively complete customs and export processing areas, Guangdong has become one of the world’s largest sexy underwear production centers.

2. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces also have fun underwear industry bases

In addition to Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces also have many sexy underwear bases.Jiangsu Changzhou, Yangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Hangzhou and other places in Jiangsu all have fun underwear production bases.These places have convenient transportation and perfect industrial chain, which is not inferior to Guangdong.

3. China’s sexy underwear industry develops rapidly due to cost advantages

China’s sexy underwear industry has developed rapidly due to its cost advantage.Interesting underwear raw materials are low in cost and relatively low labor costs. At the same time, China’s production processes, production equipment and quality systems are also in line with the trend of international development.As a result, many international sex lingerie brands have chosen to set up production bases in China.

4. China’s sexy underwear market occupies half of the world

Due to the development of China’s sexy underwear industry earlier and strong, China’s sexy underwear market has become a global leader.It is understood that more than half of the global sex underwear market is occupied by the Chinese market.

5. The development of Chinese sex lingerie still has huge potential

Although China’s sexy underwear market has developed for decades, its market and industry still have huge development potential.At present, sexy underwear culture has gradually been recognized and accepted. In addition, the economic strength of China is continuously enhanced, and the prospects of the sexy underwear market are still broad.

6. Domestic brands are rising

In the past, the production of China’s sexy underwear industry was mainly processed, mainly produced by well -known brands such as Europe, America, Japan.However, in recent years, some domestic sexy underwear brands have gradually risen.For example, brands such as Youqun, Fangdai, Lace Island have been recognized by many consumers in recent years.

7. In -depth processing of sexy underwear production is rising

In addition to the production of ordinary sexy underwear, Chinese sex underwear manufacturers have begun to develop towards high -end technology.For example, intelligent production, 3D printing technology, and nanotechnology have become research hotspots in the field of sexy underwear production.

8. Foreign brands also set up production bases in China

The growth of China’s sexy underwear industry has attracted some international sex lingerie brands to set up production bases in China.For example, Victoria’s Secrets, Casano in Italy, and L’Oreal in France have opened production bases in China.

9. The quality of Chinese sexy underwear is being improved

As consumers’ requirements for sexy underwear are getting higher and higher, Chinese sex underwear manufacturers have also improved the quality and level of products.They have continuously improved their technology, the quality of products produced has been improved, and new product lines are continuously launched.

10. Overall, China’s sexy underwear industry has a broad prospect

With its cost advantage and technological accumulation, China has obtained a stable share in the international market with its cost advantage and technology accumulation.With the continuous development of the market and culture, China’s sexy underwear industry will usher in greater development space.

Conclusion: At present, China is becoming the world’s largest manufacturing country.Various brands and styles of sexy underwear are produced in China.Therefore, in many aspects of factors such as the low cost, the gradual improvement of the quality of the market and the continuous development and changes of the market, the future development prospects of the market and culture are definitely worth looking forward to.

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