Sexy underwear Recommended to try on men and women

Sexy underwear Recommended to try on men and women

Male trys on sexy jackets

For men, erotic underwear can not only add sexual interest, but also improve the feelings of male visual enjoyment. Therefore, men are also suitable for trial sex underwear.However, pay attention to choose the style and size that suits you.

Common men’s sexy lingerie styles

Common men’s sexy underwear styles are sexy three -point, thongs, bellybands, lace perspectives, etc. Men can choose the appropriate style to try on according to their preferences and body shape.

Men’s sexy underwear size selection

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The size of men’s sex lingerie is usually relatively small. It is recommended to choose underwear that is smaller than wearing a size, so that it can better reflect the sexy effect.

Women try to penetrate sexy jackets

For women, sexy underwear is a weapon that increases sexual interest and enhances self -confidence. It is also important to choose the right sexy underwear.

Female sexy underwear selection of different skin colors

Women of different skin colors are suitable for choosing sexy underwear of different colors.Women with white skin tone are suitable for choosing pink, light purple and other colors. Women with yellow skin tone are suitable for choosing big red, blue and other colors, and black underwear is suitable for everyone.

Common women’s sexy lingerie styles

Common women’s sexy lingerie styles include hollowed out perspective, tulle lace, sexual jumpsuits, etc. Women can choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their preferences and figure.

Sanitary problems of sexy underwear

When using sexy underwear, pay attention to hygiene issues. It is recommended to disinfect and clean it before you wear it to avoid problems such as infection.


Maintenance method of sexy underwear

Sex underwear needs to be specially maintained. It is best to wash it with hand, do not rub, and do not use a bleach. Some details need to be paid attention to.

Sex underwear matching and accessories

The combination of sexy underwear and accessories can play a better visual effect. For example, you can choose a high -heeled shoes, lace gloves, etc. to make the overall shape more sexy and tempting.

Recommended brand and style

When buying sexy underwear, you can choose some specialized brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, etc. These brands have a variety of sexy lingerie styles, exquisite workmanship, and meet the requirements of sexy underwear.


Trying sex underwear needs to be purchased according to your own body and preferences. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to hygiene, maintenance and other issues, so that the sexy underwear will be used for a long time and exert the optimal sexy effect.