Sexy underwear open crotch secretary

Sexy underwear open crotch secretary


Interest underwear has always been the favorite of women.Of course, some women rarely buy or don’t like to wear, some are because they don’t understand this underwear.Today, we will focus on a special sexy underwear: open crotch secretary.

What is the open crotch secretary?

The open crotch secretary is not a sexy underwear made of ordinary materials. Its special thing is that it has a opening in the lower part.The open crotch secretary can be divided into two types: one is a opening in the front of the vagina, and the other is a opening behind the hips.They aim to meet the special needs of some women, for example, they need to be sex with their lovers without having to take off their underwear.

What kind of woman is suitable for wearing a crotch secretary?

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Although the open crotch secretary is very convenient for women who need to solve sexual needs quickly, wearing it is not suitable for every woman.Women need to carefully consider the following points of the secretary of the open crotch:

Personal security and hygiene issues: When using the open crotch secretary, you must ensure hygiene. It is recommended to disinfect it first.

The degree of confidence and self -confidence in your own body: The opening secretary is too exposed and needs a self -confidence mentality to wear.

The degree of demand for sex scenes: If you do not often need to be indirectly exposed to your lover, the open crotch secretary is not a must for you.

Different types of open crotch secretary

There are different types of open crotch secretaries, such as front, rear and abdominal type.Among them, the front opening opening is located in front of the vaginal position, and the rear open opening is behind the hip position.The abdominal open -crotch secretary is suitable for women who want to become sexy, because they can expose the skin of the navel and chest and other parts to convey a sexy feeling.

The main fabric of the open crotch secretary

Generally, manufacturers use raw silk, mesh, transparent cloth, PU, artificial leather and other materials to make open crotch secretaries.Therefore, users can choose the materials and styles that are suitable for them, but it is important to note that they must choose the open crotch secretary with good producers and high material comfort.

How to wear an open crotch secretary

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The method of opening the crotch secretary is not difficult. The following is some simple steps:

First of all, you need to clean and disinfect the secretary of the crotch to ensure its safety and hygiene.

Then, pull the open crotch secretary to the body and adjust it to the right position.Make sure that there are no wrinkles around the opening.

To ensure comfort, you can wear a tight shirt or pantyhose while wearing the underwear.

The warning of the open crotch secretary

Whether you are using it for the first time or experienced users, you need to remember the following warnings:

Do not buy an unknown brand open crotch secretary from the Internet, you must choose a professional brand underwear.This ensures that they meet the requirements and enjoy professional after -sales service.

If you feel unwell when you wear or use, you must stop using and consult professionals.

The fashion and practical value of the open crotch secretary

One of the glittering of the opening of the crotch is fashion and practical value.If you are willing to enjoy leisure time at home, it is a good choice to wear a sexy open crotch secretary.For example, if you need to work at home and want to make yourself look sexy, you can use the open crotch secretary to enjoy this feeling.

Comparison of open crotch secretary and ordinary sexy underwear

Compared with ordinary sexy underwear, the opening of the crotch has more functions and advantages.First of all, the open crotch secretary can greatly improve the quality of sexual life of the wearer, because in the case of wearing, it can be convenient to perform sex.In addition, compared with ordinary erotic underwear, the open crotch secretary is more suitable for women who want to make indirect contact in public places, and are more convenient for hygiene and cleaning.

in conclusion

The open crotch secretary may not be the choice of all women, but it undoubtedly brings convenience and happiness to women who want to enjoy sex anytime, anywhere.Of course, before trying, you must also carefully consider its advantages and disadvantages and applicable conditions to avoid problems and hygiene problems in use.