Sexy underwear is famous brand

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is an underwear created to enhance the atmosphere and pleasure in the process of sex, which can include various styles and materials.In addition to the basic functions of ordinary underwear, sexy underwear also needs to meet the requirements of sexy, wear -resistant, easy to wear, and easy to clean.Here are several famous brands.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977. It is one of the world’s famous female underwear brands and is known for its sexy and avant -garde.The sexy underwear includes red high heels, lace eye masks, suspenders, etc., making women look more sexy and seduced.Its products are very popular, especially on Valentine’s Day and Christmas. People will queue in the store to buy underwear.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British sexy underwear brand, known for retro and sexy.The brand’s design style does not popularize the public and requires brave women to try.The amount of underwear here is small, but it pays great attention to details. It is made of lace, silk, carving and other materials, and purple and black are the main tones.

La Perla

La Perla was founded in 1954 and is an Italian sexy underwear brand.La Perla’s design is famous for its exquisite handmade, luxurious materials, exquisite details and tailoring suitable for different body shapes.Its products are more creative for women’s interpretation of sexy, and at the same time, women are more creative.

Fleur of English

Fleur of England is a British sexy underwear brand. It uses top silk and lace. Based on the concept of high quality, natural and elegant concepts, it shows the embodiment of women in an artistic way, and pays great attention to tailoring and details.


Bordelle is a London sexy lingerie brand. This brand’s underwear uses black and golden aesthetic elements. It uses detailed patterns, metal chains, ropes and other elements. Unlike traditional lace and cotton fabrics, the brand is very unique and uniquesex.


Bluebella is a small and young brand. Founded in 2005, the founder is a female designer.The brand’s design elements are fashionable, black and sexy, but the use of lace, silk and other fabrics is also very reasonable, and underwear has price advantages and certain quality assurance.

Coco de MER

Coco de Mer is a British professional sexy underwear brand, known for luxury and sexy.There is no cheap product in the product, but both the quality of the product or the designer’s choice, it is very good to create a soft and comfortable feeling for you.

Agent Provocateur (AP)

AP is one of the very famous brands in the sexy underwear industry and one of the expensive brands. It is known for luxury, mystery and sexy.Lace and parts accessories are their star products, especially in terms of sexy toys and sexy night clothes.


Lelo is a Swedish brand and a brand that once revolutionized the sex products industry.Is there any category of Lelo’s erotic underwear? Concept is not "sexy" underwear, but underwear with "adding more emotional factors to the process of sex", so there are more targets for the market.


Interest underwear is one of the tools to add sex and sex.The above are several well -known brands. Each brand has different design styles and cultural connotations. Women can choose brands and styles according to their needs and focus.There are different choices and needs in terms of appearance texture and actual use.

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