Interesting underwear ass opening

Interesting underwear ass opening

Sexy underwear is one of the most enthusiastic fashion products in modern women. It is not only a amulet, but also a symbol of self -confidence and charm.The design and style of sexy underwear are diverse. One of the special designs is the opening of the butt. This article will introduce the characteristics and use of this sexy underwear in detail.

1. What is the butt opening?

The sexy underwear of the butt opening is to open a small mouth in the key position of the pants, revealing the female’s hips, generally the style of T -shaped pants or G string pants, and the latter parts are covered with holes.This design sexy underwear can help women increase sexy and temptation, and can also improve comfort and breathability.

2. Practical and aesthetics

Although the sexy underwear of the butt opening looks more exposed, it is actually very practical.It allows you to go to the bathroom without taking off your underwear to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and inconvenience.At the same time, this underwear has undergone good design and quality control, which is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable.

3. Different types of ass opening design

The designers of sexy underwear have provided women with a variety of butt opening underwear.From the semi -open design to a completely open design, from simple holes to complex texture, you can find it on sexy underwear.Women can choose to open underwear for their buttocks that suits them according to their figure and personal preferences.

4. Applicable occasions of the butt opening underwear

The butt opening underwear is suitable for some special occasions, such as celebration and party.If you wear some exposed clothes, this underwear is a very good choice because it can improve the comfort of the appearance and show the beautiful lines of women’s figure.

5. The material selection of the butt opening underwear

The material of sexy underwear is one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing sex underwear.For the sexy underwear designed by the butt opening, breathability and comfort are very important.It is recommended to choose materials with high air permeability, such as cotton or silk.

6. How to correctly wear butt and open underwear

How to correctly put on the buttocks to open underwear is a question that needs to be paid attention to.Before wearing underwear, women need hygienic cleaning to avoid bacterial infections.In addition, check whether there is any damage or defect on the underwear before putting on underwear to avoid the internal wear and adverse effects of the underwear.

7. How to maintain the butt opening underwear

The maintenance of the butt opening underwear also needs to be particularly cautious.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to wash it instead of machine washing.In addition, mild cleaner and soft agents need to be used to avoid damage to the texture and material of underwear.It is best to dry the underwear on the dryer to ensure the integrity of the underwear.

8. How to choose underwear size

The size of the underwear is one of the issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing underwear.Too small size will cause uncomfortable underwear, and the size is too much to lose the effect of underwear.Therefore, women need to measure the bust and hips correctly to find the appropriate size.


The sexy lingerie of the butt opening is a very practical and beautiful underwear, which can increase the sexy and confidence of women.However, we must wear, maintain, choose underwear size to ensure the integrity and comfort of the underwear.Women should choose the underwear that suits them according to their body and body characteristics.

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