Zhejiang Info Underwear Shop, there is a shop

Zhejiang Info Underwear Shop, there is a shop

Brief introduction

As a fashionable and sexy clothing, sexy underwear has been favored in the domestic market in recent years.Especially in Zhejiang Province, the number of sexy lingerie stores has grown rapidly, and the sexy underwear stores of the "No." brand are even more popular.So, what is the "number someone" brand?What are their characteristics?This article will introduce you to the situation of "people" in Zhejiang.

brand introduction

The "No." brand is a local sex underwear brand in Zhejiang, which originated in 2014.The design is "sexy, fashionable, and comfortable" as its core, and is positioned as a consumer group of young women.Its unique style, sophisticated material, and bright color, loved by female friends.As of now, the "No." brand has already owned many stores in Zhejiang Province.

Store distribution

The "No." erotic underwear stores in major cities in Zhejiang Province, such as Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou and other places.Among them, Hangzhou, as the provincial capital of Zhejiang Province, has a concentrated number of sexy lingerie stores, so many consumers choose to buy sexy underwear in Hangzhou.

Product Category

The "No." sexy underwear store mainly sells various models of sexy underwear. There are many styles, covering a variety of different styles, including sexy, cute, romantic, etc.In addition, there are various sex products in the store, such as massage sticks, private care supplies, etc., and there are many types that meet the needs of different consumers.


Compared with other erotic underwear stores, the price of "people" sexy underwear stores is relatively close to the people, so it has become the first choice for many consumers.Depending on the types, materials, and craftsmanship of the product, the price will be different.Generally speaking, the price of ordinary sexy underwear is about 100 yuan, while the price of a set of high -end sexy underwear is about 300 yuan.

service quality

The service quality of the sexy underwear store "Someone" has always been a major reason for its sales.The waiters in the store will recommend the most suitable sexy underwear for you according to your needs, or provide you with the most professional consulting services.And the clerk’s service attitude is very good, making you feel the feeling of guests.

Target consumer group

As a fashionable and sexy sexy lingerie brand, the target consumer group of "people" sexy underwear is mainly young women, especially those women who have obvious needs for sexy and fashionable.Of course, as such products are gradually accepted by the public, the store has also begun to have some middle -aged women and male customers to buy products.

Online store sales

In addition to physical stores, the "No." brand also has its own official website, and you can also buy sexy underwear and related erotic supplies on it.Buying these products in online stores can also experience the same complete after -sales service in the store.However, unlike physical stores, there are relatively few types of products in online stores, and some incomplete or out -of -stock may appear.


The "No." sexy underwear store has won the recognition of consumers with its unique design, affordable prices, and comprehensive after -sales service.Although the brand’s sales scope is mainly concentrated in Zhejiang Province, with the continuous expansion of the brand’s popularity, it may also become one of the representatives of sexy underwear brands nationwide in the future.