Yue Fox Sex of Love

Yue Fox Sex Lingerie Brand Introduction

The pelvic fox, a sexy underwear brand from China, focuses on creating sexy, elegant and comfortable underwear for women.Its design style combines Oriental culture and western fashion elements. It has a novel shape and diverse style, making women feel confident and charm after putting on its underwear.

Types of Yue Fox Sexy underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, covering different occasions and needs.The three most common types are::

1. Beauty Fun Show

Beauty sex lingerie has created a perfect lingerie line for female friends with her sexy appearance and comfortable texture, which is suitable for wearing at a romantic moment.Its design style details are the ultimate details, reflecting the intertwined lines and light and shadow, creating a wonderful feeling of intoxication and nothingness.

2. European and American sexy sheets

European and American sexy lingerie styles are novel, unique in design, and full of modern fashion elements.It integrates the excellence of East and West culture, and its shape is more in line with the trend of international clothing.Suitable for women who advocate personality and pursue unique.

3. Adult sexy sheets

The design style of adult sex lingerie is unique, mainly for some sexy and unique elements.Such underwear is more used in the interaction between couples, and it makes women emit a more sexy, seductive and plump charm.Adult sex lingerie is also a way to challenge self and release passion.

Suggestions for the purchase of pornographic sex underwear

In order to choose sexy underwear to make women truly relax and proud in wearing, the key is to meet the characteristics of the following aspects:

1. Perception

When choosing a sexy underwear, female friends must choose a close -fitting process and good breathability, so that the body can also reflect the charm and beauty of women in addition to being comfortable and free.

2. Reflecting personality

The underwear that is suitable for you is the best underwear. Everyone’s body and temperament are unique, so you must reflect your personality when buying, try to choose your own style and color.

3. The size is appropriate

Whether the size of the underwear is appropriate or not is an important factor that affects comfort and overall effect.The size of the size will make the underwear not close enough, and the too small will affect the feeling of breathing and wearing, so you must buy the appropriate size according to your actual situation.

4. Easy to wear and take off

When buying, there is no doubt that you need to choose a sexy underwear that is convenient to wear and take off, so that even after the passion of passion, it will be convenient to take it off, which will not bring discomfort or embarrassment.

Maintenance method of Yue Fox sex lingerie

The pornographic sexy underwear is a high -end underwear that needs to be maintained in the correct way to ensure its performance and life.

1. Hand washing

Sex underwear must be washed by hand, and a washing machine cannot be used.Because the friction and water temperature in the washing machine will cause damage to the underwear, and the use of hot water washing underwear will also deform underwear.

2. Cold water cleaning

Underwear should be washed with mild detergent and cold water to avoid folds or shrinking after washing.At the same time, avoid violent rubbing, drying, drying, or ironing, and do not expose in the sun.

Yue Fox Sexuria Underwear Buy Channel

You can go to the major official stores such as sexy products or official Taobao stores, Jingdong stores, and Tmall stores.It is recommended to know the materials, sizes, styles and other information of the brand’s underwear when buying to facilitate your purchase.

The price of the pornographic sex lingerie

The price of Yue Fox’s sexy underwear is different on various platforms, but in general, its price is relatively high -end compared to other brands.However, by buying this brand of underwear, you can feel its unique design and high -quality materials, which can better show the charm of women.

Why choose Yue Fox sex lingerie

The main reason for choosing Yoshiso sexy underwear is its unique design and high -quality materials.Its creativity comes from Eastern culture and western fashion, allowing women to wear it to reflect personality and beauty.At the same time, the pelvic fox also pays attention to the comfort and breathability of women, so that it has a complete dressing experience.Therefore, if you can buy a pornographic sexy underwear, women can undoubtedly feel their perfect side in wearing.


As a high -end underwear brand, Yue Fox’s erotic underwear can allow female friends to express their charm in the wear.It is super cost -effective in all aspects of purchase, maintenance, price, style, quality, etc., which can be said to be the best choice for women’s underwear.