Yang Ying ps sexy underwear

Yang Ying ps sexy underwear

With the development of the times and the change of social concepts, more and more women have begun to accept and try to wear sexy underwear, especially on Valentine’s Day. Interest underwear has become the first choice for many women.Recently, Yang Ying posted a photo of her sexy underwear on social media and was commenting by netizens. Today, let us analyze the sexy underwear worn by Yang Ying from a professional perspective.

Pay attention to the size and size of sexy underwear.

No matter which sexy underwear, size and size are important considerations.In order to create a sexy and tempting effect, the size of the size is more common than the actual size.For Yang Ying’s sexy underwear, her size is just right, and she perfectly outlines her charming figure.

Pay attention to the texture of purchasing fun underwear

The texture is the top priority of sexy underwear. High -quality materials can create a more comfortable and healthy dressing experience.For the sexy lingerie wearing the erotic underwear, the satin material used in it can even see the texture of the velvet, which looks warm and sexy.

The color of sexy underwear is also important

When choosing a sexy underwear, the choice of color is also very important, especially for stars like Yang Ying, the color of the sexy underwear she wears needs to be properly matched with her skin tone.And this sexy underwear uses black, and the black erotic underwear looks sexy and elegant.

Angel wings are the finishing touch of sexy underwear

On the sexy underwear worn by Yang Ying, we can see the design of the wings of the two angels, which not only makes the sexy underwear look softer and romantic, but also reflects the brand’s characteristics and pursue beauty.The embellishment of the wings of the angel makes this sexy underwear not only sexy, but also full of women’s unique charm.

The flowers on the chest are very important

The design of sexy underwear should not only highlight your advantages, but also cover your defects.On this sexy underwear, the flowers on the chest are the most eye -catching parts. It can not only cover up the deficiencies of the chest, but also put the visual focus on the chest, making you more beautiful.

Sexy shoulder straps create temperament

The shoulder straps of sexy underwear are also a very important design element. The material, width, and length of the shoulder strap will affect the visual effect.The shoulder strap of this sexy underwear uses a lace -up design, which is not only beautiful, but also highlights Yang Ying’s beautiful collarbone.

The addition of lace improves the taste

As one of the common materials in the design of sexy underwear, its beautiful and exquisite features are also played on this sexy underwear.The lace border design of sexy underwear has increased the visual effect and improved the taste of the entire sexy underwear.

Details determine the good or bad of sexy underwear

A small detail is enough to affect the entire dressing effect for a small details such as sexy underwear.The details of this erotic underwear are in place, and each part is built in detail, showing the quality of conscience.


To sum up, Yang Ying’s erotic underwear has integrated many elements of sexy underwear design. It integrates a variety of elements such as lace, angel wings, flowers, etc.Lost women and elegant sexy underwear.We can see the quality of quality, the advantages and disadvantages of design, and the differences between his sexy underwear from this sexy underwear. I hope this analysis can help friends who like sexy underwear.

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