Yang Mi wearing a fun underwear map

Yang Mi wearing a fun underwear map

Yang Mi has always been known for fashion wearing. Recently, a group of photos of Yang Mi wearing sexy underwear have once again caused a sensation.Wearing sexy sexy underwear not only shows her unparalleled figure, but also amazing her ability to grasp the trend of fashion.Today, let’s take a look at the few sexy underwear presented in the photo, and explore how to exude the charm of sexy and confident when wearing these underwear.

Liu Su Sexy underwear

This streamy lingerie is a underwear full of sweet elements and sexy atmosphere.When wearing this underwear, the tassel will show the wind, outline the beauty of the lines of the body, and add a mysterious temptation.With fine heels and bold eye makeup, you can interpret the unique sexy style.

Hollow dazzle

This hollow underwear uses a suspender design. The thick shoulder strap can bear the weight of the chest, while the hollow design on the chest and the chest looks very sexy.In addition, the clever design of the hollow lines makes the curve more prominent, which fully presents the softness and elegance of women.This underwear is suitable for all women in shape, especially for women who pursue sexy and beautiful curves.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear has always been a classic representative in women’s underwear. It is not only soft and comfortable, but also shows a charming sexy atmosphere.This lace sexy underwear is designed with a triangular cup. The wide cup type and curved cup mouth design can effectively shape the joy of home joy and make the chest shape more upright.At the same time, the use of lace makes this underwear more sexy and makes you more charming.

Net yarn sexy dress

The mesh sex lingerie has a sense of transparency, which can make the body curve more prominent.The masculinity style of this underwear is very obvious, making women more confident, fascinating, and sexy charm.This underwear is also very practical. It can be paired with the most basic jeans or mini skirts to make you the most eye -catching women in the crowd.

Stomato sexy sheets

Belly Ben’s sexy underwear is a new type of sexy underwear, a small underwear directly attached to the skin.Its color, style and material are rich and diverse, and they are all sexy and attractive "small boutiques".This underwear is very suitable for women with long waist and legs, which can show the natural lines of the waist and abdomen well.But remember to pair with high waist pants or skirts, so as to match a mature temperament and sexy fashion.

Leopard erotic lingerie

Leopard erotic underwear is a bold and sexy underwear. With the unique stitching of yellow and black colors, it emits a wild and sexy atmosphere outward.Keep as simple as possible in accessories, such as pearl necklaces or golden bracelets.At this time, it is best to make a strong embellishment to make the leopard erotic underwear.

Butterfly Jiexin Underwear

Butterflies Interesting underwear is a underwear prepared for cute girls.It contains the cute elements of bow, with a classic corset design, which can highlight the sexy and charming of women.If you change the classic straps to a elegant skirt, it will make the overall shape more plump and three -dimensional, lively and cute.

Lace Flower Flower Inner Underwear

Lace Flower Flowers Lingerie is a very elegant underwear, which is composed of delicate lace and flowers.The adoption of lace makes the body’s upper and lower sexy, and it looks very soft, making women full of romantic atmosphere.In terms of matching, you can choose both calm and stylish black and white.The choice of fine heels is also very important. It is best to choose a color similar to the color of the accessories to make the overall match more decent.


In the above we saw many styles of sexy underwear, but different women have different body shape and wear needs.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose the underwear suitable for your body and personality characteristics, so that you will exude a long -lasting charm.At the same time, no matter what kind of underwear is, you need to use your own match to make the overall sexy underwear full of fashion and personality.

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