Xiao Shou’s sexy underwear Sao

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear. Compared with ordinary daily underwear, it highlights the body curve.The design of this underwear has the characteristics of bold, sexy, sexy, and conspicuous.Sex underwear occupies an important position in sex life, which allows people to better explore the world.

Category of Xiao Shou’s erotic underwear

Sex underwear can be divided into multiple types according to the different styles and styles.Among them, the most popular types include: open crotch underwear, cats and women’s suits, suspenders jumpsuits, etc.These underwear are unique, sexy, and bold, which can be full of temptation.

The material of the little sexy underwear

Interest underwear is made of different materials.Some are made of silk, lace, lace and other materials, soft and comfortable, and excellent texture; others are made of sexy mesh, leather, metal, etc., which are more irritating.It is important to choose the appropriate material because it directly affects the comfort and use effect of sexy underwear.

Small sexy underwear size selection

Like other clothes, the size of sexy underwear is very important.Too small can affect comfort, too large, it cannot reflect the body curve.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, Xiao Shou needs to pay special attention to the selection of the size.You can choose the appropriate size according to your own size. If there is a personal need, you can choose a tighter style.

How to wear a little sexy underwear

The method of dressing underwear is different from ordinary underwear.It needs to be worn carefully in order to accurately highlight the body curve.When wearing a sexy underwear, Xiao Shou should carefully check whether wearing comfort and moving freely to ensure the greatest pleasure experience in the process of sex.

The matching of the little love underwear

Interest underwear needs to be very careful in matching, after all, its main feature is sexy.Therefore, when Xiaoshou is matching, you need to avoid being matched with too exposed clothes, otherwise it will be too dazzling, but it will stimulate the eyeball and affect the beauty.When matching, you can choose accessories such as black high heels with simple styles to enhance the temperament of sexy underwear.

The maintenance of the little sex underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear needs to be particularly careful, because its materials are usually more delicate.It is recommended to wash the sexy lingerie hands to avoid damaging the fabric.When cleaning, use a mild detergent and clean it with water.When drying, avoid sunlight directly to the surface of the item.

Applicable objects for small -sized sex underwear

Interest underwear is a passion for couples that belong to foreplay.Xiao Shou and TA’s lover often wear sexy underwear in sex to achieve more exciting and wonderful results.Therefore, the applicable object of sexy underwear can be every couple, so as to get more fun in sex life.

Small Shouya’s Lover’s Purchase Location

Xiao Shou can buy sexy underwear in the sex shop or the Internet. These addresses usually have various types and styles of sexy underwear.When buying, pay attention to choose regular sellers to ensure quality.

The price of small sex lingerie

The pricing of sexy underwear varies from factors such as models, brands, sizes, materials and other factors.Basic styles are usually between tens of yuan and hundreds of yuan.In addition, special custom high -end sexy lingerie prices are higher.Therefore, Xiao Shou chose a sexy underwear that suits him according to his needs and budget.


As a sexual underwear, as a kind of sex props, it has an important position in sex life, which can increase the stimulus and fun of sex.Small sufferings need to choose the right model, size, material and style, and carefully maintain.Be sure to purchase high -quality sexy underwear at regular sellers to avoid negative impacts on the human body because of improper use.The most important thing is that Xiao Shou and TA’s lover should actively explore and innovate in sex life, and use sexy underwear as the medium to achieve a more pleasant sex experience.

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