Women’s shopping guide to sell sexy underwear


With the progress of society, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular with female friends, and women’s shopping guide selling sexy underwear has also become a trend.

The advantages of female shopping guides on -site sales

Compared with physical store purchases, women’s shopping guides have the following advantages:

Convenience: Women’s shopping guide will provide professional services in the user’s home, without users to go to physical stores to buy;

Private: users can buy one -on -one communication at home to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience that may bring to purchase;

Professional: Women’s shopping guide can provide professional sexy lingerie styles and matching suggestions to make users buy more accurate.

The conditions that female shopping guides should have

Women’s shopping guides need to have the following conditions when selling sexy underwear at the door:

Good image: Women’s shopping guides need to bring professional and trusted images to users, and need to be clean and decent;

Professional knowledge: Women’s shopping guides need good professional knowledge, including styles, size, occasions, etc.;

Federation: Women’s shopping guides need good communication and communication ability in order to better understand the needs and preferences of users.

Women’s shopping guides should understand sexy lingerie styles

Women’s shopping guides should know the following types of sexy lingerie styles:

Bikini: Bikini is a very sexy sexy lingerie style that is suitable for leisure;

Through pants: thongs are suitable for wearing tights and thin fabric clothing, which can show more figure curves;

Corset: The corset can play a body -shaping effect, and it can also improve and beautify the chest lines;

Bouncing pants: Bugs are a kind of sexy underwear that can be waist and body, especially suitable for wearing long skirts, dresses, etc.

Women’s shopping guides should understand the fun underwear size

Women’s shopping guides should understand the following types of sexy underwear, including the following:

European code: The commonly used European code is composed of numbers and letters;

Japanese code: Japanese code is represented by numbers, usually smaller than European code;

American code: American code is commonly used by letters and digital combinations;

Chinese code: Chinese code is calculated based on comprehensive data such as height and weight, which is relatively accurate.

Women’s shopping guide should understand the sexy underwear matching skills

The sexual underwear matching skills that women’s shopping guides should understand include the following points:

Wearing underwear styles should be paired with styles, skirts, etc., colors and materials;

Wearing underwear should be cut and matched according to the characteristics and temperament characteristics;

Reasonable accessories, such as lame stockings, high heels, etc.

Working process of women’s shopping guides

The workflow of the female shopping guide sells sexy underwear as follows:

Appointment time: Women’s shopping guide needs to make an appointment time with the user to adapt to the user’s family, career and other time constraints;

Function introduction: After the women’s shopping guide arrives in the user’s home, you first need to introduce the style, size, etc. of the sexy underwear, so that users have a general understanding;

Personalized suggestions: Female shopping guides should provide users with some personalized suggestions based on a series of information such as the body size and style preference of the user;

Trial: Women’s shopping guide needs to use the actual trial process to help users make the right choice;

Order purchase: If the user is satisfied, the female shopping guide needs to place an order for the user and arrange the details of the logistics.

Women’s shopping guide selling sexy underwear precautions

Women’s shopping guides also need to pay attention to the following points in the process of selling sexy underwear:

Respect the privacy of users: Female shopping guides need to avoid talking about users ‘personal problems as much as possible, so as not to cause users’ resentment;

Communication skills: Female shopping guides need to master good communication skills to avoid language misunderstandings or cultural differences;

Etiquette specifications: Women’s shopping guides need good etiquette literacy to avoid problems such as faults and rudeness during communication with users.


Women’s shopping guide selling sexy underwear is a job that requires professional ability, in -depth understanding, patience and meticulous work. I believe that as long as you treat it carefully, women’s shopping guides will be successful in this field.

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