Will we wear makeup in sexy underwear?


Interest underwear can not only make women more attractive, but also stimulate their self -confidence and sexy.Although many women like to wear sex underwear, many people are still worried that wearing underwear will affect their makeup.Will we wear makeup in sexy underwear?This article will take you to understand the effects of sexy underwear on makeup.

The contact between sex underwear and cosmetics

Sex underwear is usually made of different materials, including cotton and silk.These materials may be exposed to cosmetics when wearing, especially when you use foundation and concealer and other products.However, according to different components of cosmetics, their contact with underwear may have an impact.

Falling underwear material

Generally, the materials used in sex underwear are soft, such as silk, lace, cotton and woven weaving.They usually do not stimulate the skin when they come into contact with cosmetics.In addition, these materials will not affect the ingredients of cosmetics, and will not cause problems such as cosmetics dyeing or degenerate.

The impact of cosmetics on sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear has no negative effect on cosmetics, cosmetics may affect the materials of underwear.For example, some cosmetics such as iron oxide powder, organic dye and other ingredients may penetrate into the lingerie fiber, causing their discoloration or wear.

How to avoid cosmetics affecting sexy underwear

In order to avoid the impact of cosmetics on sexy underwear, follow the following techniques:

Try to avoid contact with underwear before applying makeup, especially when makeup on the face.

Before using cosmetics, wear sexy underwear first, and change your clothes after the cosmetics are dry.

Choose a silky underwear after washing or care, so as to reduce the friction of the skin and clothing and reduce the wear of the clothing.

Store underwear with cosmetics separately to avoid contact.

Wash the sexy underwear regularly to avoid stains or cosmetics residues.

Selection of sexy underwear

Color factors are one of the important considerations to choose sexy underwear.The color of underwear wearing daily wear is usually relatively basic, such as black, white, and skin tone.But sexy underwear is a factor that reflects women’s sexy, so choosing color is more important.However, different underwear colors have different reactions to makeup.

Dark color sexy underwear

Dark color sexy underwear such as black, dark purple, dark red and other tones, usually not significantly affect cosmetics.Therefore, women can choose these colors of underwear at will.

Light color sexy underwear

Light -colored sexy underwear such as white, light purple and light pink may react with cosmetics, causing the color to fade or dye.Therefore, women need to be careful when choosing a light -colored sexy underwear to avoid using colored lipsticks and heavy makeup.

The impact of underwear materials on color selection

The material of sexy underwear can get rid of the limitation of color selection and easily achieve the ideal sexy effect.For light -colored sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a protective and non -fading material such as lace. For dark sexy underwear, choosing velvet, silk, mesh and other materials can make the underwear logo clearer and give a sexy and luxurious sense.


In general, wearing erotic underwear will not affect the makeup effect, but pay attention to the impact of cosmetics on underwear and the color of underwear color to cosmetics.If women need to wear sexy underwear and cosmetics at the same time, they need to choose the appropriate materials and colors, and pay attention to cleaning and protection.Only in this way can the most perfect sexy charm.

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