How to buy adult sex lingerie

How to buy adult sex lingerie

1. Determine the size

First of all, you need to accurately measure your size when buying adult erotic underwear.Inaccurate size can cause uncomfortable wear or even fall off.For bra, you need to measure the lower bust and upper bust to determine the correct size.For bottom pants, you need to measure the waist and hips, and consider personal preferences to choose the right size.

2. Clothing style

When choosing an adult erotic underwear, the style of clothes is very important.Choose according to personal character, style, body type and occasion.For example, if you want sexy and cool style, you can choose adult erotic underwear with transparent materials or lace materials; and for adults such as satin, lace and other adults for adults such as satin, lace.

3. Material selection

Adult sex lingerie materials are very diverse, including cotton, lace, silk, imitation skin and other materials.When choosing, choose according to personal needs and preferences.For people with sensitive skin, you can choose a comfortable cotton adult erotic underwear; and for those who are pursuing sexy, you can choose a lace or silk adult erotic underwear.

4. Color selection

Color is also a factor that you need to pay attention to when choosing adult sexy underwear.Colors will not only affect the overall atmosphere, but also make your skin color more beautiful.Light -colored adult erotic underwear can highlight the young and lively image, while the dark adult sexy underwear can create a temptation and sexy feeling.

5. Design style

When choosing adult sexy underwear, the design style is also very important.For example, choosing adult erotic underwear with lace, lace, shoulder straps can not only highlight the body shape, but also highlight female characteristics.For men, adult erotic underwear with locks, parcels, nakedness and other designs can better highlight the masculinity of men.

6. Brand selection

When choosing an adult sex underwear, the brand is also a factor that needs attention.Good brands can not only ensure the quality of adults’ sexy lingerie, but also pay more attention to design, styles, and sizes.

7. Quality inspection

Before buying adult erotic underwear, you must check the quality.Check whether the adult erotic underwear has silk, tears, or outside to ensure that the adult sexy underwear purchased is intact.

8. Consider price

Although the price of adult sex lingerie is relatively high, it is also necessary to consider cost -effectiveness.Adults with too low prices are usually not durable, and adult erotic underwear with too high prices may not be the most suitable.

9. The return rate and reputation

When buying adult sexy underwear, you can look at the reputation and return rate of other consumers.If the evaluation is good and the return rate is high, then this adult sex underwear can better meet the public’s needs for beauty and comfort.

10. Personal style

When choosing an adult sex underwear, the most important factor to consider is your personal style.Only by choosing an adult erotic underwear that conforms to your own style and personality, can you show your charm to the greatest extent.


When buying adult sexy underwear, you must not just value a single factor, such as style, material, color, etc., you need to consider comprehensive consideration.At the same time, to ensure the comfort and quality of adult sex lingerie, so that you can truly show your charm.

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