Wild erotic underwear H

Wild erotic underwear: sexy and practical coexistence

In the wild camping, travel, hiking and other activities, people often get rid of the constraints of the city and the restraint of wearing, and choose a more relaxed and comfortable way of dressing.However, this does not mean that you cannot wear sexy and practical wild sexy underwear.The following introduces several sexy underwear suitable for field activities, and shares how to match clothes, precautions, and precautions when wearing sexy underwear.

Sports sexy underwear: shaped personal partners

Sports sexy underwear is a sexy underwear specially designed for high -intensity sports.It is made of high -tech materials such as polyester fiber or polyurethane fiber, which has good antibacterial, humidity, anti -static, sweat -proof and other characteristics.This sexy underwear is tight, which can quickly absorb sweat and keep the body feel dry and cool.At the same time, it also has the characteristics of shaping, which can help modify the figure and enhance sexuality.With tight sports shorts or yoga pants, it is comfortable and sexy.

Low sexy underwear: romantic and beautiful wild dating

Lane sex underwear is a thin and breathable, and lace decoration sexy underwear.It is made of soft cotton fabric, which is comfortable to wear, and the feel of the slightest adhesion is extremely seductive.With a thin gauze, long knitted jackets, hooded jackets or denim jackets, etc., create a youthful, lively, romantic and beautiful field dating shape.Note that in the wild environment, choose a style with less or laceless decoration to prevent the lace from being damaged by stuck plants or other obstacles.

Net eye sex lingerie: sexy and explicit camping equipment

Net -eye sex lingerie is a very challenging sexy underwear. It is made of slender mesh fabric, showing a sexy and charming effect.Under special occasions such as camping, travel, hiking, etc., with a simple bloated sports top or protective jacket, it can achieve the perfect balance of high sexy and low temperature.But choose cautiously to avoid bumps and scratches in the wild.

Fairy Tale Instead: Girls’ Memories and Sexy Blend

Fairy tales sexy underwear is an artistic sexy underwear.It uses exquisite lace, yarn, lace lace and other exposed parts to present the romantic taste of the girl.Dating in the wild, outing, camping and other occasions, with old -fashioned denim skirts, white wide -leg jeans or Gothic short denim jackets and other items, it can create an image full of anger and sexy.


1. Avoid wearing sexy lingerie styles that are too exposed and vulnerable to injury.

2. Choose personal comfortable and breathable sexy underwear fabric.

3. With comfortable, suitable temperature clothing, do not pursue fashion and break your comfort.

4. In the wild environment, pay attention to your own behavior to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.


Wearing sexy underwear in the wild can not only increase your sexy charm, but also improve your experience and happiness.But pay attention to choosing suitable styles, fabrics and matching methods to ensure that you can maintain goodness and health while enjoying goodness.

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