Why is there no sex underwear in the hotel

Why is there no interesting underwear in the hotel?

In our daily life, hotels, as an important travel accommodation place, usually provide a variety of facilities and services so that guests can enjoy a pleasant accommodation experience.However, although the hotel provides a lot of convenience, many people are still surprised: Why doesn’t the hotel offer sexual underwear?There are several reasons here.

Hotel market positioning

First of all, we need to understand the market positioning of the hotel in order to better understand its business model.Most hotels are usually positioned in the business and family passenger market. These people usually only need a clean and comfortable bed, as well as some basic bathing and entertainment facilities, such as TV and WiFi.They are generally not interested in erotic underwear, but they will pay more attention to the tidal and hygiene of the room, so the hotel will not provide such clothing in the guest room.

The cultural background of the hotel

The cultural background of the hotel is also an important factor.Although in recent years, sexy underwear has become an increasingly popular fashion trend, but many people still think that these clothing is too exposed and immoral.Many hotels are unwilling to provide the public for such costumes because of business considerations and unnecessary disputes.

Hotel brand image

Hotel brand image is also an important consideration.Most hotels want to maintain their own brand image in order to compete with other similar hotels.If a hotel provides services such as sexual underwear and other sexual hints, this may affect its brand image, and even make some guests feel uncomfortable and disgusting, so most hotels will be restrained in this regard.

Hotel safety consideration

Hotels also need to consider the safety of guests.Providing sexy underwear and other clothing may affect the safety of the hotel because these clothing may attract some bad guests.Considering these issues, the hotel is unwilling to provide this service to protect the safety and privacy of guests.

Consumer demand differences

The differences in consumer demand are also a factor affecting whether the hotel provides sexy underwear.Although many people like to wear sexy underwear, this does not mean that everyone needs this kind of clothing.Therefore, hotels do not need to provide sexy underwear, because only a few guests really need this service.

Laws and regulations

Laws and regulations are also a reason why hotels do not provide sexy underwear.Hotels must abide by local and state laws and regulations. If sexy underwear is considered illegal or immoral, the hotel cannot provide such services.In addition, sexy underwear may also involve some intellectual property issues. If the hotel is not authorized to sell this product, it may also face legal disputes.

The market prospects are unclear

Although sexy underwear has gradually become a fashion trend in recent years, hotels have no evidence that this service can bring more profits.If the sexy underwear does not have a clear market prospect and business value, the hotel is naturally unwilling to provide it as a service to guests.

The service and facilities of the hotel are enough

Finally, we should realize that the hotel has provided many other services and facilities so that guests can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant accommodation experience.For example, many hotels offer free breakfast, gym, sauna bathroom and other facilities, allowing guests to relax better.From this perspective, hotels do not provide sexy underwear and will not affect the guests’ accommodation experience.


In summary, although sexy underwear has gradually become a common fashion trend, the hotel does not provide the necessity of such clothing in its services.The hotel should pay more attention to the overall safety and privacy of the guests, and put more attention on providing truly valuable services and facilities.Only in this way can we truly help guests enjoy a pleasant and comfortable accommodation experience.

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