Why is there no sewing in the middle

Why is there no sewing in the middle

The design idea of sexy underwear is always unexpected. One of them is that there is no sewing in the middle.The use of this design also makes the underwear stickers better, but why is there no sewing in the middle of the sex underwear?The following answers from several aspects.

1. Prevent exposure

The design of the middle seam can easily lead to exposing the edge of the underwear, especially when wearing a wearer is more active, it is easy to make the matching clothes lose beauty and coordination, so the design of the underwear in the middle is relatively wide.

2. Improve wearing comfort

The comfort of the underwear is very important for wearers, especially in order to pursue the visual effects of sexy underwear to strengthen the touch and support of the skin on the skin. ThereforeEssence

Third, convenient with multiple types of clothing

Adopting a sexy underwear design without a sewing in the middle can facilitate the wearing wearer with a variety of clothing, and there will be no difficulty exposed corner problems. This is why some fashion enthusiasts prefer the design.

Fourth, improve visual effects

The design of no sewing in the middle compared to the sewing underwear not only makes the wearer more reliable, but also improves the visual effect.This design is suitable for those who are pursuing beauty and highlight their bodies.

5. Highlight the perfect figure

Using a sexy underwear design without a sewing in the middle can better highlight the perfect body of the wearer, and increase the sewing of the underwear to easily split, affecting the beautiful body shape.

6. Conquering the principles of ergonomics

The design of no sewing in the middle is in line with the principles of ergonomics, making the underwear wearing more suitable, increasing the comfort of the wearer’s activity, and avoiding the stimulus and discomfort that may bring to the skin when wearing a stitching underwear.

7. Avoid diarrhea effect

In the position of the waist and abdomen, some underwear is sutured by stitching, which will bring a certain sense of restraint and diarrhea to the wearer, and the design without sewing in the middle can perfectly avoid this problem.

Eight, reduce friction

Using the sexy underwear design without sewing in the middle, the fabric of the underwear can be fully tightly attached to the body, which relieves the friction feeling during exercise and increases the flexibility during exercise.At the same time, this design underwear is also difficult to feel when wearing.

For the above problems, there are many advantages in the sexy underwear in the middle, such as: suitable for various types of wearers, can be matched with certain men’s and women’s clothing and body trimming clothing to enhance the stability and comfort of the underwear.Although sewing underwear in the intermediate without sewing is difficult to design, it is believed that with the increasingly advanced design technology, the future sexy underwear design will also be better, more comfortable, and more in line with the needs of wearers.

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