Why do you have beads in sex underwear

Why do you have beads in sex underwear?

Interesting underwear is an indispensable part of women’s private life, and the bead design is even more mouth -watering.So why do you have beads in sex underwear?Below we will explore this issue.

1. Aesthetic design

The design of the beads of sexy underwear is mainly based on aesthetic consideration.The skewers are swaying on sexy women’s bodies, giving people a visual impact, which can enhance women’s beauty, but also bring stimulating visual enjoyment to couples.

2. Increase the sense of irritation

In addition to the aesthetic factors, the design of the beads is also to increase the stimulus.In the process of women’s sex, beads rubbing the vaginal wall or clitoris can increase sexual stimuli, improve women’s sexual pleasure, and make sex more wonderful.

3. Regulate sex rhythm

The beads are designed in sexy underwear to regulate the rhythm of sex.The friction of beads can not only make women feel happy, but also make men feel stimulating.The speed of the bead depends on women’s movements, so that the time to control male ejaculation can be controlled and sexual time is more coordinated.

4. Improve female sex self -confidence

When women wear sexy underwear, the design of beads can make women more confident.The friction of beads can help women reach orgasm faster, make them more confident in sex, release the desire deep in their hearts, and enjoy the pleasure of sex.

5. Extend sex time

The bead design of sexy underwear can also extend the time of sex.The friction stimulation of beads can keep men a longer erection, thereby prolonging sexual time and increasing the time of enjoyment.

6. Experience new stimulus methods

The design of sexy underwear is not just for wearing effects, but also to experience new stimulus.When wearing a sexy underwear, the special design of beads can allow the couple to experience the new sex and pleasure, adding a passion to the life of the husband and wife.

7. Increase the tacit understanding between husband and wife

Wearing erotic underwear requires the tacit understanding and cooperation of both parties, so it can also increase the interaction and tacit understanding between husband and wife.The two cooperated with the friction beads to make the process of sex more wonderful, and also made the relationship between husband and wife in the process of sex more closely.

8. Aesthetic trend in accordance with modern aesthetics

With the development of society, people’s requirements for aesthetics are also increasing, and the design of beads of sexy underwear is also in line with modern aesthetic trends.Beautiful, fashionable, and sexy design methods are becoming more and more popular.

Viewpoint: In the design of sexy underwear, beads are not just for beauty and excitement, but also add interaction and tacit understanding to husband and wife.The friction of beads not only allows the two sides to enjoy sex more, but also allows the two parties to have a closer connection and create a more harmonious and beautiful family life.

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