Why do we wear sexy underwear gathered

Why do we wear sexy underwear gathered

Some people think that wearing fun underwear is only to increase sexual interest. In fact, sexy underwear has many real effects, such as gathered chests to show a perfect body curve.Below, this article will discuss it in depth, why we wear sexy underwear together and how to choose sex underwear.

1. The design of sexy underwear

The design of sexy underwear is the key to gathering.The design of most sexy underwear is three -dimensional tailoring and internal cushion to increase the curve of the chest and close the chest to make the chest more upright and plump.

2. Material selection

The material of sexy underwear is also important.Soft fabrics such as lace and silk can be used, which can increase the fit with the skin, close the chest and show the perfect curve.At the same time, high -quality materials make sexy underwear more comfortable.

3. The size of the bust

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear is also an important factor in gathering.If the sexy underwear is too large or too small, it will affect the gathering effect.Therefore, it is necessary to correctly measure the size of the bust and buy the suitable size of the size.

4. Fill in the lining

The filling of the inner lining can also affect the aging effect of the chest.The common lining filling is sponge, silicone, etc. The gathering effect of silicone lining filling is more significant, and it is more comfortable to wear.

5. The design of the thread

The design of the support line is also important.Generally, sexy underwear uses a suspension line or a three -dimensional dwelling line when designing. Both can effectively gather the chest.

6. style choice

Different styles of sexy underwear will also affect the gathering effect.For example, underwear with V -shaped design is more likely to gather the chest, and the lace’s sexy underwear can effectively highlight the curve.

7. Focus on details

Pay attention to details is also an important guarantee for the effect of gathering.The fine design of sexy underwear, do enough effort in details, such as bold shoulder straps, thickened bust, etc., which can make the gathering more obvious.

8. Replace in time

The service life of sexy underwear should also be noted. Usually, after a period of time, the elasticity will gradually deteriorate, and the gathering effect will also weaken. Therefore, it is important to replace it in time.


In short, wearing sexy underwear can highlight the charm of women beautifully, making them more confident and beautiful.However, choosing the right erotic underwear can achieve the ideal gathering effect. Therefore, it is recommended that women must choose the appropriate style, size, material and lining filling according to their figure and needs when buying sexy underwear. At the same time, pay attention to pay attention to pay attentionThe daily maintenance of sexy underwear allows them to stay in the beautiful world of women.

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