Why can’t Taobao find sexy underwear

1 Introduction

Taobao is one of the largest e -commerce platforms in China, and has a large amount of goods for consumers to choose from.However, sexy underwear was "blocked" on Taobao, and it was impossible to search for related products.This phenomenon has caused many people’s doubts and discussions. Why can’t Taobao search for sexy underwear?

2. The definition of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear. It is characterized by more sexy and exposed, usually used for fun purposes, such as increasing interest, enhancing lust, and inspiring sexual interest.Although sexy underwear can also be used for daily wear, its positioning is more in the field of interest.

3. limit in Taobao rules

In order to ensure the health and order of the network environment, Taobao has formulated a series of rules and terms.These include items and content forbidden to sell.Interesting underwear is one of the items for sale. Although it does not have illegal nature, in Taobao’s rules, sexy underwear is considered to violate social moral concepts.

4. Taobao’s review of sexy underwear

Taobao has a dedicated commodity censorship team that needs to be reviewed on each of the products on the shelves.When reviewing sexy underwear, Taobao will determine whether it meets the regulations based on the nature and display method of sexy underwear. If it does not meet the regulations, it will not be sold on the shelves.

5. The alternative of sexy underwear in Taobao

Although sexy underwear is banned on Taobao, it does not mean that the demand for sex underwear has disappeared.At the same time, Taobao merchants are also looking for products that can replace sexy underwear.For example, some merchants sell some products that are more exposed or sexy but not in the field of sexy underwear, such as bikini swimsuits, transparent dresses, etc.

6. Sale of sexy underwear on other e -commerce platforms

Although sexy underwear has been blocked on Taobao, the sales of sexy underwear are still very active on other e -commerce platforms, such as JD.com, Mushroom Street, Beautiful Said.Merchants selling sexy underwear on these platforms need to comply with the rules of the corresponding platforms, such as JD.com’s request for sex underwear to prohibit dew points.

7. Views of Taobao sealing sex underwear

The decision to block sex underwear is not absolutely right or wrong. It is based on Taobao’s own rules and values.Although Taobao is banned of sexy underwear, consumers’ demand for sexy underwear has not stopped.Therefore, the e -commerce platform that sells sexy underwear needs to increase its standardization, ensure compliance sales, and cooperate with relevant regulatory departments to combat harmful information.

8. Regulatory authorities should strengthen the management of sexy products

There is no problem with sex products itself, but some bad businesses use sex products for bad business activities, leading to social moral corruption and other problems.Therefore, the regulatory authorities should strengthen the management of sex products and regulate and supervise the industry.This can not only protect the interests of consumers, but also promote the healthy development of the industry.

9. Consumers should choose compliant channels to buy sexy underwear

Although Taobao is not allowed to sell sexy underwear, it can still be purchased in other compliant e -commerce platforms or physical stores.As consumers, we should choose compliant channels to buy sexy lingerie, avoid buying unsatisfactory products, protect our legitimate rights and interests, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

10. Conclusion

Taobao sealing sex underwear is a decision based on rules and values, but the demand for sex underwear has not disappeared.On other compliant e -commerce platforms, the sales of sexy underwear are still active.As consumers, we should choose compliant channels to buy sexy lingerie and promote the healthy development of the industry.

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