Who is Tmall sex underwear spokesperson


Tmall is an e -commerce platform in China, providing many different types of products.Among these products, Tmall’s sexy underwear is one of the most watched.Although there are many brand choices, a specific spokesperson has long become the representative of this category.Next, this article will introduce who is the spokesperson for Tmall’s sexy underwear.

Who is Tmall sex lingerie spokesperson

The spokesperson for Tmall sex underwear is Yang Mi.Yang Mi is a Chinese actor, singer and producer.She became the spokesperson for Tmall’s sexy underwear in 2017, and is still the spokesperson of the brand.

Why Tmall choose Yang Mi as the spokesperson

Yang Mi is a well -known actor who is well -known, highly known, and has a public, which makes her a very good choice for the spokesperson for sexy underwear.In addition, her image is in line with brand positioning, which is very suitable for the market’s marketing.Her acting career has also achieved a lot of success, which has also attracted a large number of young consumers.

What role does Yang Mi play in Tmall’s sexy underwear ads

Yang Mi’s addition has brought more brand loyalty and attention to Tmall’s sexy underwear brand.Her endorsement makes it easier for brands to get attention on social media.In addition, her image conveys the essence and concept of the brand, thereby increasing the brand’s reputation.

The impact of Yang Mi’s endorsement on Tmall’s sexy underwear

Tmall sex underwear has gained greater popularity through her many fans, better promoting the brand, and showing that she is more affinity and closer to consumers.At the same time, the growth rate of Tmall’s sexy underwear has also increased over time over time.This is mainly due to the improvement of the brand image and Yang Mi’s strong star effect.

How does Tmall sex underwear shop perform under Yang Mi’s endorsement

Yang Mi’s addition increased the sales of Tmall’s sex lingerie store.In the first year of its endorsement, the brand’s sales exceeded 90 million yuan, an increase of 118 % over the previous year.In addition, while the brand has achieved more performance, driven by the market, the overall improvement has been improved.

The importance of creating a brand image

Through Yang Mi’s endorsement, Tmall’s sexy underwear has established a unique brand image to better meet consumer needs.As the representative of the brand image, Yang Mi has a very good connection with the brand and consumers.The image of the brand is closely linked to consumers’ needs, which maintains the survival and growth of Tmall’s sexy underwear store.

Revelation brought by Tmall sex underwear

The success of Tmall’s sexy underwear tells us that it is very important to create a brand image for brands.The brand image can enable consumers to strengthen the brand, thereby increasing sales and publicity effects.At the same time, through the appropriate spokesperson, the brand can better publicize and release its brand value to consumers.The role of Yang Mi in the endorsement of Tmall’s erotic underwear fully illustrates this.

in conclusion

Tmall sex underwear spokesperson is Yang Mi.Yang Mi’s endorsement has enriched the brand image and prompts the brand to continue to develop.Through this successful case, we recognize the importance of brand image creation and reasonable selection of the spokesperson.I hope this article can increase your understanding of Tmall’s sexy lingerie spokesperson.

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