Who has the source of stockings in stockings

Background introduction

Stockings erotic underwear is a special underwear that can increase interest and sexual interest, so it is loved by some people.However, it is a big problem for people who want to engage in stockwear -making underwear sales.

Professional sexy underwear wholesale market

There are many erotic underwear wholesale markets on the market. These markets are generally established by some professional sexy underwear wholesalers. They and underwear manufacturers directly cooperate with underwear manufacturers, so the quality and price of supply are more guaranteed.Common sexy underwear wholesale markets include Taobao, Alibaba, JD.com, Mushroom Street, etc., you can choose the right platform according to your own situation.

Manufacturer directly purchases

Some sexy underwear manufacturers will also actively contact merchants to provide supply directly.Manufacturers can ensure stable supply and preferential prices, and can also provide private customized services to better meet the needs of merchants and consumers.

Cooperate with agents

Some large -scale sexy underwear brands will first find some agents, and the agents will be responsible for the wholesale and sales of clothes.Cooperation with agents can better obtain supply, and at the same time, it can also obtain the authorization and support of large -name sexy lingerie, which is conducive to increasing sales and popularity.

Cross -border e -commerce platform procurement

On cross -border e -commerce platforms, you can find many good quality and affordable stockings sexy underwear.Although there are some risks and uncertainty from overseas, the types of underwear in overseas markets are more complete and stylish, which can better meet the needs of consumers.And it can reduce purchasing costs in configuration.

Custom stockings sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear brands also provide private custom -made socks for sexy underwear services.You can design the style and style of underwear according to your own needs. This method can ensure the professionalism and personalization of the source, but the price is relatively expensive.

Domestic shopping mall underwear counter

For some hot -selling brands, it can be found on large shopping mall underwear counters.The supply of the sources of shopping malls is usually guaranteed, the brand awareness is high, but the relatively high price and small profit margin.

Purchase of foreign suppliers

Some foreign suppliers’ stockings have very good quality and styles, and they can try to import purchases.However, due to the multiple links such as procurement, customs, the cost of investment is higher, which is not suitable for ordinary merchants.More suitable for larger sexy underwear sellers.

Social e -commerce platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou

With the rise of social e -commerce, some stockings erotic underwear manufacturers have begun to enter these platforms for sales. You can try to establish cooperation by contacting some manufacturers to obtain supply.

in conclusion

Due to the large demand for the market for the sexy underwear in stockings, the supply is relatively broad, and merchants can choose the appropriate source method according to their own conditions.Not only need to consider the quality and price of the source, but also the selection combined with its own situation to achieve the best supply method.

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