White fluff three -point sexy underwear

White fluff three -point sexy underwear

1 Introduction

The white fluff three -point sexy underwear is a white -based sexy underwear, including tops, underwear and suspenders.This underwear is more popular in the underwear industry, because of its white and clean appearance and soft velvet decoration.

2. Material

White fluff three -point sexy underwear uses a variety of materials, including silk, lace, and fluff.The use of silk and lace makes the underwear more comfortable, while the fluff decoration increases its sexy atmosphere.

3. Design features

The design feature of this sexy underwear lies in its details.The top uses a V -collar design, which visually extend the body line; the underwear is designed with a low waist, showing the hip curve; in terms of suspenders, the length can be freely adjusted according to your own needs.

4. Size selection

The size of the white fluff three -point sexy underwear is relatively diverse, generally from S to XXL.However, the size standards of different brands are different. It is recommended to check the size table carefully before buying.

5. Dressing effect

After wearing a white fluff three -point sexy underwear, the overall visual effect is very attractive.This underwear is white, so it looks fresh, and the use of fluff increases sexy atmosphere.

6. Suggestions

The white fluff three -point sexy underwear can be paired with high heels and long trench coats. At the same time, it can be matched with candles, aroma and music in the indoor scene, which can increase the interest atmosphere.

7. Note

When cleaning white fluff three -point sexy underwear, it is recommended to use soapy water to lightly wash to avoid hot water washing and mechanical scrubbing.At the same time, be careful not to expose the sun in the sun to avoid rigidity.

8. Applicable crowd

The white fluff three -point sexy underwear is suitable for women over 25 years of age. Whether it is played between couples or wearing it alone is a good choice, which can increase sexual interest.

9. Price

The price of different brands is different. Generally, between 100-500 yuan, you can choose according to your own budget.

10. Summary

White fluff three -point sexy underwear is a unique design, suitable for many scenes, and different body types of sexy underwear.Although the price is different, it is the most important one who is suitable for you anyway.

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