Which is good to buy sex underwear

Which is good to buy sex underwear

Whether it is to enhance interest, passionate social, or to satisfy personal aesthetic pursuit, sexy underwear has become a fashion in modern times.However, the market for thousands of strange sexy underwear will make people feel difficult. How do you choose?Today, let’s analyze what factors should be paid attention to when buying sexy underwear, as well as the occasions and basic knowledge applicable to different styles.

1. Material determines texture

Buying sex underwear must first consider the material. Choosing different materials can bring different textures, which is also directly related to the effect of dressing.Common materials include silk, lace, cotton, etc.Among them, the silk looks high -grade and smooth, suitable for feasting clothes, party evening dresses, etc.; Lace materials are more feminine, suitable for lace chiffon skirts, sweet mid -long skirts, etc.; Cotton is comfortable and practical, suitable for daily wear.

2. Model choice

How to choose a style of sex underwear?This needs to be comprehensively considered in combination with its own shape characteristics, wearing occasions, and their own preferences.Generally speaking, a couplet, suit -style sexy underwear is suitable for people with a positive or confident personality in the shape of a body; and people who are more shy and do not get used to exposing their figure can choose invisible underwear, classic sexy underwear, etc.

3. Brand choice

The brand is also a very major reference factor when buying sexy underwear.At present, the sexy underwear brands on the market are full of brands from domestic to foreign levels from home to foreign levels.The fun underwear of different brands is very different in terms of price, quality, and style. Consumers need fine analysis and weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

4. Select the correct size

Sex underwear is a very important clothing, so the choice of size is very important.When measuring the size, pay attention to the bust, waist circumference and other indicators, and compare the size table of different brands when choosing.If you have a chance to try on, you can also conduct more accurate evaluation.Improper selection of size can easily lead to problems such as uncomfortable wear and poor appearance effects.

5. Selection of color

Choosing the right color is also needed to consider when buying sexy underwear.Generally speaking, common colors are black, white, red, pink, etc.Black has a mysterious and high -end visual experience, suitable for people who attend formal occasions with elegance or want to create a more capable image; white represents more fresh, natural, romantic feelings, suitable for the selection of soft women; red is the most emotional emotional atmosphereIt has a warm and warm atmosphere, suitable for romantic occasions or people who show self -confidence and independent personality; pink represents youth elements, which looks sweet and cute, suitable for daily wear or gathering, dinner, etc.

6. The balance between sexy and exposure

Different occasions require different sexy underwear styles, and the balance between sexy and exposure also needs to be carefully grasped.If you are walking on the street wearing underwear, you need to have higher requirements for your clothes. Emphasize sexy but do not be too exposed. You should try to choose bottoming underwear and invisible underwear. If you are participating in a sexy theme party and party, the occasion is more atmospheric.For obvious, you can choose more casual and unrestrained styles, such as seeing underwear.

7. The breathing and breathability of the material

As a close -fitting underwear, material breathing and breathability are another important factor to consider when buying sexy underwear.It is best to choose a natural and breathable fabric to make the body breathe more freely.

8. Personality choice

The last factor is to choose according to personal character, and make reasonable choices based on your body characteristics, personality characteristics, and wear occasions, so that sexy underwear can better play the value of aesthetics and aesthetics.Whether it is the Bohemian style, or the classic ladies, or retro, luxury, you need to choose according to your own character to feel the beauty and stimulus brought by the erotic underwear.


Buying sex underwear is actually a process of adjusting the image from the inside to the outside. By choosing the right style, material, color, and your own temperament and self -confidence, you can truly exert its value and significance.For people wearing sexy underwear, it is not just a form of decorative body, but also a way to express its own aesthetics and taste.

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