Which fingers are wearing a sexy lingerie rope

Which fingers do you wear in sex lingerie rope?The mystery of the relationship between the love rope

As a kind of sexy underwear, sex rope is a very tempting and irritating product.The rope can play a great role in private interest, but different ropes are worn on different places and fingers, which will have different effects.So many people will ask: Which finger is on the sex lingerie rope?This article will answer you in detail.

Finger choice: ring finger and index finger

Common sexy underwear ropes can be divided into two types: one is a rope with longer length and the other is fine ropes.For ropes with a long length, the unknown index is the first choice, and the thin rope can choose the index finger.

How to use the ring finger

In sex, there are many benefits that generally turn long ropes around the ring finger.First of all, the ring finger is one of the few muscles that do not independently control any finger.The use of unknown fingers can better control the rope, so it can better control the development of the scene.Secondly, this can improve the sensitivity of controlling ropes and better reflect the taste.

How to use the index finger

The use of thin ropes is somewhat different.Walking the thin rope on the index finger can be used to stimulate the sensitive part of the body.Using the index finger can better control the sensitivity of the thin rope and better control the strength and depth.

How to use multi -rope

For the situation of multiple ropes, you can use different fingers and wearing different fingers to achieve different effects.Using multi -rope can not only increase the visual effect, but also allow the two parties to get more stimulus.

Finger physical physical condition

The use of different fingers will have different effects, which is related to the physical condition of the fingers.Anonymous finger is the shortest left hand, while the ring finger of the right hand shows some "orphan".The physical condition of the fingers will affect the effect of the fingers.Therefore, when choosing, you must have a clear understanding of your brain and physical senses.


When using sexy lingerie, skills are essential.Be careful so that both parties can receive a good experience.It is best to use the traditional cotton rope to make some finger movements when practicing to build a sense of communication and fit with both parties.

Ethical issue

In the process of using sexy lingerie rope, it is necessary to pay attention to ethical and moral issues.It is very important to protect your own privacy, and for both parties, you also need to master some suitable constraints.

How to buy a good sexy underwear rope

When buying a sexy lingerie rope, you need to pay attention to the following points: brand, material and use.Some high -quality brands include: Lelo, PIPEDREAM, SportSheets, Xcite, Evolved, and Fetish Fantasy.Materials can be natural or synthetic, but it should be noted that natural materials may be better because they are usually more durable and softer and more comfortable, but you need to pay attention to cleaning.When choosing a rope, you must have a very clear understanding of its use, otherwise there will be a situation of buying errors.

in conclusion

There is no fixed answer to the question of which fingers we wear in sexy lingerie. You need to choose different usage methods according to different situations and uses.The key lies in your body and feelings, and you must pay attention to ethical and moral issues and purchase quality.

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