Which erotic underwear in black and white

Which erotic underwear in black and white

In the world of sexy underwear, it is the focus of sexy and eye -catching. Black and white are undoubtedly the first choice.Not only will they not be outdated, they can also be suitable for various occasions, but also show different styles.But when you choose black and white sexy underwear, will you be a little confused?Let me tell you, how to choose black and white sexy underwear, making you sexy and confident.

How to choose black and white sex underwear?

1. Cutting style determines the style

Each woman has her own style, and different lover has different or evil.So, how to make your style perfectly combine with each other’s preferences?A very good method is to choose a tailor style that suits you.If you want to show a sexy and hot side, choose the design of the skeleton or open your chest, indicating that you dare to take risks, hot and sexy and confident and bold.If you want to look more gentle, choose a light and soft texture, and the style of the skirt gauze can show your tenderness and romance to the fullest.

2. The color determines the temperament

Black and white are two common colors. They are not only foundation, but also full of temperament.However, black and white is precisely the low -key color that is different from the red and green, so different occasions need different colors.If you are participating in a strong occasion, such as party or dance, it is recommended to choose black sexy underwear, because black has a mysterious and noble temperament; and on the occasion of dating or close contact, it is recommended to choose white sexy underwearWhite can make people look more pure and more likely to have goodwill.

3. The effect of the selection of fabrics

The sex lingerie stickers are wearing, so the choice of fabrics has a pivotal effect on the feeling of wearing.Different fabrics give people different wear feelings.Choose a soft cotton, silk satin or soft mesh material, which will be more breathable and comfortable.And if you like a more luxurious feeling, you can choose the style of lace material or inlaid gemstones, which will make you wear more noble and luxurious.

4. Size is very important

The choice of erotic underwear size is very important, because the appropriate size is not only conducive to comfortable dressing feelings, but also makes the chest more upright.When choosing, especially when shopping online, do not forget to measure your size, so as not to be inappropriate after receiving the sexy underwear.

5. The unique performance of the design makes you stand out

We all hope that our sexy underwear is unique.Therefore, in the process of choosing black and white sexy underwear, you can choose some special designs, such as small accessories such as lipstick, bow, and beads, which can make sexy underwear more special.At the same time, proper chic design can also add points to your figure.

Choose suitable occasions

1. Business occasion

In business occasions, the atmosphere of these occasions is usually very formal, and it is not suitable for choosing too sexy and tight sexy underwear.In such occasions, it is recommended to choose black and white sexy lingerie to avoid being too publicized, low -key and full of temperament.

2. Dinner occasion

In such a elegant place, sexy underwear requires beautiful lines and perfect texture.It is recommended to choose a black style and exquisite design material for color, which can highlight the beautiful curve, but it will not be too exposed.

3. Dating occasion

In such an occasion, I hope to attract the attention of the other party. It is recommended to choose a white sexy underwear, which is both gentle and quiet and full of freshness. If you want to exude sexy, you can choose the style of the chest opening, but you must also pay attention not too much too much too muchExposure.

4. Participate in the party

In such a happy occasion, you can choose a black sexy underwear, and with chic jewelry decoration, which can show personal charm but also elegant elegance.


Black and white is a long -lasting classic color, especially in erotic underwear that is not allowed to replace.When you want to wear sexy charm, choosing a set of black and white sexy underwear that is suitable for you and has a unique design must be memorable.When matching the sexy underwear, you need to combine the occasions of wearing to show your inner temperament as much as possible. In this way, in the crowd, it will definitely become the focus of sexy extremes and attract everyone’s attention.

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