Where is the sexy underwear processing factory?

Where is the sexy underwear processing factory?

1. Guangdong Guangdong

Guangdong Province is one of the largest sexy underwear production bases in China, especially in Dongguan.The region has perfect production facilities, supporting services and excellent manufacturing technologies.In addition, there are many keen foreign trade sales staff here.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand Bangkok has achieved great success in the world market with its high -quality sexy lingerie and moderate prices.Compared with other countries, the wages of workers there are lower salary, so production costs are lower.

3. Manila, Philippines

Manila in Manila, Philippines exported to all parts of the world, and is known for its low cost, fast production and high quality.Here, there are many technical workers who can create a variety of novel and sexy styles.

4. India New Delhi

New Delhi is an important sexy underwear processing plant in India.The labor resources here are sufficient and the labor cost is low.Although the production technology in the region is relatively poor, it is known for its low -cost large -cost production.

5. California, USA

California is the center of the production and design of American sex underwear.The region’s fun underwear list is high quality and high price, and puts more attention on detail processing to increase the attractiveness of the product.

6. Colombia Cali

The precise and low -cost manufacturing process of Cali in Colombia has made it a popular sexy underwear production base.In particular, some specific policies introduced by the local government to increase local employment rate have attracted a large number of foreign businessmen.

7. Brazilian Paul

St. Paul in Brazil is the central production place of the country’s interesting underwear.There are many first -class designers here to ensure the design quality of Brazilian sex underwear.Brazilian lingerie brands such as LUPO and PLIé also enjoyed their prestigious internationally.

8. Mexico Mexico City

Mexico in Mexico is famous for its high -quality low -cost sexy underwear.Especially for the US market, Mexico is the closest manufacturer, and goods are more convenient and faster than international transportation.

9. Tokyo, Japan

The diversity and pioneering of sexy underwear produced in Tokyo, especially in the Japanese market.Tokyo underwear producers have continuously launched more unique designs to attract consumers and ultimately increase profits.

10. Hunan Province, China

Although Guangdong Province is the main base of sexy underwear production, in recent years, Hunan Province has also become a new sexy underwear production base.Hunan’s workers’ wages are relatively low and their costs are relatively low. At the same time, thanks to Guangdong, it is also driven by Guangdong’s industrial policy.


The sex underwear production bases of various countries have their own advantages and disadvantages, mainly depending on product quality, workers’ wages and production costs.For consumers, no matter which brand you choose, what is important is that you need to ensure the quality and cost -effectiveness of the product.

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