Where can I buy offline sex underwear

Where can I buy offline sex underwear

It is difficult to find some high -quality erotic lingerie. It is even more difficult to find a trustworthy merchant, and it has to face related vague legal issues in the middle.However, some women still want to buy them in the physical store. They can see both the real things or try it on.Therefore, in order to help you better solve the way to buy offline sex underwear, this article will introduce you to related information.

Professional sex shop

The best way is of course to go to professional sex stores.They provide various sexual products, including sexy underwear of various styles.These stores provide the best quality and confidentiality required for shopping.But when you go, you may encounter a uncomfortable experience, such as: the clerk’s service is not thoughtful or looks boring.Although this cannot represent all professional sex shops, it also needs to wear thick skin to face it.

High -end department store

Today, more and more high -end department stores have begun to sell sexy underwear, including Nordic retailers H & M.They usually have different shapes, colors, and styles of sexy underwear, and can protect your privacy.When you need better styles and quality, you can consider buying such shops.

Fashion children’s clothing store

An idea is to go to a fashionable children’s clothing store to buy sexy underwear.Few people can think of this method, but you will find that many children’s clothing brands have children’s style of adult underwear series.Compared with some other interesting underwear, these funny, colorful and comfortable styles can keep people the feeling of girls’ days.At the same time, children’s interior is very cheap, and it is a good choice.


Few people think of buying sexy underwear in supermarkets, but some large stores such as Walmart and Target have rich varieties of underwear. They have very cheap, different colors and styles of sexy underwear.However, like all fast fashion products, quality and comfort may not be compared with the sexy underwear of the "boutique" store.

Vendor stall

In the streets and markets, you may find some vendor stalls selling sexy underwear.They usually provide affordable prices and a lot of styles, but the location is unstable and the quality is also flying.You need to be cautious, otherwise it is easy to buy inferior products or fraud.At the same time, you need to keep secret, because buying here itself is more embarrassing.


In addition to some physical stores, you can also buy sexy underwear online.Amazon has a variety of erotic lingerie, pajamas, underwear, and lower -loading series, covering different styles, sizes and colors.If you need to buy agile, fast, convenient, and easy to buy from a safe shop, this is one of the best choices.But the price of expensives and fake goods still exist.


Some people like to save money, especially when shopping.Then you can try to go to the Taobao platform to buy sexy underwear.It is one of China’s largest online shopping websites, and you can easily find sexy underwear of different brands on it.Taobao’s price discounts, almost every merchant has a variety of products. The defect is to choose and understand the merchant evaluation and other contents. It is necessary to pay attention to some special low prices and even free products to avoid encountering the problem of "fake sexy underwear".

Protective measures

If you set up the specific location, time, and reasons for buying sexy underwear, it is recommended that you book in advance and confirm whether the merchant does have the style and type you want to buy before arriving.At the same time, you need to pay attention to some privacy protection issues.


The above are some ways to buy sexy underwear. They all need to rely on your own comfort and privacy protection issues. You may need to pay some extra time and efforts.Therefore, we recommend that you choose a moderate purchase method in a suitable situation and communicate with friends around you.

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