What should I pay attention to when taking pictures of sexy underwear

What should I pay attention to when taking pictures of sexy underwear

Choose the right style and color

It is very important to choose the right style and color before taking pictures.Choosing a style and color that suits you can help you show your advantages better.For example, women with smaller breasts can choose to have thick pads with a thick pad to increase the visual effect of the chest.

Choose the right size

It is also very important to choose the right size.Wearing too large or small sexy underwear will not only affect the overall effect, but also make the photos taken look not beautiful enough.Choose your own accurate size and try it out before shooting.

Prepare light

Light is also very important for taking pictures.The light and dark room will make the photo look dark and affect the overall effect.Choosing a full and bright room for shooting can make the photos look more vivid and dynamic.

Choose the background

The background is also one of the important elements of sexy underwear shooting.Choosing a simple and clean background can make the sexy underwear more prominent, and the gorgeous background may make the whole picture look messy.

Pay attention to the shooting angle

Pay attention to the shooting angle before taking pictures.A suitable angle can highlight your body advantages and weaken weaknesses.For example, women with large breasts can choose to shoot at 45 degrees to make the photos look more sexy.

Pay attention to gesture and expression

The attitude and expression during shooting are also very important.Try to show your good attitude, relax yourself, and show your charm with natural expressions.

Pay attention to the prominent body before shooting

Before shooting, pay attention to some simple physical outstanding exercises, such as raising your chest, stretching your body, etc., which can make the photo look more natural and beautiful.

Pay attention to the degree of map repair

After shooting, you may need to use the picture repair software to repair the photos.But be careful not to over -repair the picture, let the photos look too false and unreal.

Prepare self -confidence and good attitude

Finally, you must prepare self -confidence and good attitude before taking pictures.Interesting underwear shooting is a very private thing. Before shooting, maintain a good mentality and show a confident and beautiful side.


Taking love underwear photos is a thing that requires skills and patience, but as long as you pay attention to some basic elements, you can take beautiful and sexy photos and show your charm.

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