What kind of sexy underwear men

Men have always had a strong interest in sexy underwear, and this underwear is teasing and sexy.However, some men may not know much about sexy underwear.In this article, we will explore what kind of sexy underwear is suitable for different types of men.

#1 Liberty liberalist who loves freedom

Such men usually like the way of love without restraint, and also like sexy underwear without a sense of restraint.They like comfortable and free pajamas, and are recommended to choose soft, comfortable cotton sex nighttime or casual shorts.

#2 Gentle and thick family man

Such men like the warm atmosphere of the family, and often take the initiative to take care of their wives and children.For such men, it is recommended to choose personal sexy underwear, such as underwear and breathable underwear with lace lace to increase a gentle and intimacy.

#3 Interactive and elegant workplace elites

Such men usually work rigorous and professional, and they also maintain exquisite and elegant in the face of girlfriends or wives.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a professional and business dress underwear, such as a close -fitting shirt and professional dress.

#4 Health Control of Fitness Master

Such men are very concerned about their health and body shape, and they will choose lightweight sportswear and tights.In sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a tight sexy match, such as bellyband and tight vest.

#5 Fashionable people of fashion trend

Such men are very fashionable and pursue taste and personality.In sexy underwear, it is recommended that they choose some creative underwear and clothing, such as underwear and T -shirts printed with their favorite stars or idols.

#6 The domineering male god of male doctrine

Such men often show their masculinity, very determined and confident.In sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose basic styles with sexy temptation, such as hot pants and tight underwear.

#7 otaku’s two -dimensional control

Such men are keen on two -dimensional culture such as animation and games. They often choose cartoon T -shirts, printed shorts and other clothing.In sexy underwear, they will also like some two -dimensional element weird underwear, such as a nightdress or insignificant sexy underwear printed with anime characters.

#8 Healthy bone men who need to be corrected

Such men usually need professional medical corrections. It is recommended to choose some soft, personal and breathable underwear, such as body protection pants and net eye panties.

In short, different types of men need to choose according to their preferences and needs when choosing sexy underwear.But in any case, sexy underwear should be able to increase the multi -dimensional intimate experience of love and opportunities.

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