What kind of sexy underwear is wearing a big breast

What kind of sexy underwear is wearing a big breast

With the rapid development of modern society, sexy underwear is no longer a simple functional underwear, but has become a representative of sexy and fashionable. If women with big breasts wear wrong underwear, they will not only be unsightly, but also uncomfortable.This article will focus on what kind of sexy underwear wears a big breast to ensure their beauty and comfort.

1. Understand your chest shape

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you should first understand your chest shape.Different chest types are suitable for different sexy lingerie styles.Natural arcs and round chest shapes are suitable for wearing chest bras, while up and flat chest shapes are suitable for wearing sexy underwear with collection and enhancement effects.

2. Select a comfortable underwear

No matter what style of sexy underwear you choose, you should first consider comfort.Comfortable underwear can make you feel comfortable, confident and sexy.Uncomfortable underwear affects your complexion and mood, thereby affecting the entire image.

3. Select underwear with cutting effect

In order to make the chest look firmer and healthy, women with large breasts can choose sexy underwear with cutting effects.These underwear are usually made of elastic and can be made well adapted to the material of the chest curve.

4. Choose a complex appearance

For those women who want to make them look more luxurious, the complex appearance is a good choice.Exquisite lace decoration and sexy underwear with beads, buttons, silk belts, and bow can make you look elegant and sexy.

5. Simple and fashionable

If you like a simple style, then the stylish basic style is also a good choice.Simple colors, no cost -effective design, can make you feel at ease and confident in a comfortable environment.

6. Color close to the skin

No matter what the women’s skin color is, choosing the color of the underwear close to the skin will be better than them set off the skin color.These colors are also very suitable for women who want to wear light shirts, and usually have humble sexy characters.

7. Choose high -quality underwear

Quality is not only reflected in fabrics, feel and appearance, but also in the service life and wearing comfort.Choose high -quality sexy underwear, while maintaining comfort and aesthetics, it can also be used for a long time to reduce costs and environmental waste.

8. Use sanitary napkins and shirts to play the effect

In order to allow women with big breasts to better wear sexy underwear, they can choose to use sanitary napkins to relieve the pressure between the underwear belt and the shoulders, and increase the cup effect.In addition, wearing a light and light shirt is also a good choice, which can increase the mysterious and sexy personality that shows underwear through clothes.


When choosing a sexy underwear, you must not only pay attention to comfort and aesthetics, but also choose the correct function and high -quality underwear.At the same time, with some tips, such as using sanitary napkins and light shirts, you can experience better results when wearing sexy underwear.

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