What kind of psychology to buy sexy underwear

What are the psychology of women who buy sexy underwear?

As a special women’s underwear, sexy underwear has sexy, teasing and other characteristics, and is a way for women to break the plain life.Why do women buy sexy underwear?What are the psychological factors of this?

Self -confidence in yourself

Underwear is not only the clothes we wear on our body, but also an attitude, a mentality, but also our recognition of ourselves.I buy sexy underwear because I hope to have more confidence in my body and make myself more beautiful and sexy.

Satisfied with curiosity

Many women are determined to buy sexy underwear because of curiosity.This underwear style is unique and diverse, showing a variety of creative designs, which can bring stimuli and pleasure of love and desire, and stimulate women’s inner curiosity and desire.

Fasting and attracting flattering

Many women frequently use sexy underwear to flirt and attract men’s attention in daily life.Because these special underwear can make women more sexy and charming, and exert their charm.At the same time, it can also meet the visual needs of men, so as to make themselves be very pleasing.

Delivery or marriage life regulator

In dating or marriage life, women can selectively sexy underwear to regulate their state and make themselves more confident.This kind of sexy underwear can express the enthusiasm and passion of the heart, while enhancing women’s sense of security and happiness, thereby regulating their emotional state.

Balance work and life

Many women buy some sexy underwear to balance their work and life after work fatigue.This underwear can not only bring a comfortable feeling, but also allow women to relax and alleviate the physical and mental body and mind, and relieve work pressure.

Improve the quality of sex life

Stimulating women’s pornographic pleasure, enhancing their sexual quality of life is one of the reasons for many women to buy sexy underwear.Interest underwear can improve the quality of life of women, enhance sexual desire, meet various novelty stimuli in the body, and enjoy a richer life happiness.

Show your own personality

As a woman, everyone has their own unique personality and taste.Many women like to buy various styles of sexy underwear to show their personality and pursuit.They show their style by choosing underwear that suits them to meet their collection and use needs.

Answer the inner preference

When buying sexy underwear, women will take into account the demand for underwear types.This preference may be due to personal shape and figure, or because of the hobbies and professional knowledge of various styles.Buying sexy underwear can meet the needs of women’s inner preferences, thus bringing more considerate care to their physical and mental care.

Enhance self -confidence and sexual attraction

Wearing a sexy underwear can instantly dress women into a sexy and charming woman, enhancing women’s self -confidence and sexual attractiveness.At the same time, it can also make women have more freedom and pursuits, make them more confident and self -reliance, so as to get more appreciation and praise in the outside world.

Pure for your own happiness

Many women buy sexy underwear is not to meet specific needs or pursue specific goals, but to be purely for their own happiness.When women wear sexy underwear, they can often be intoxicated by themselves, feel their beauty and sexy, and make themselves happy and comfortable.


The above are common psychological factors for women who buy sexy underwear. The characteristics of sexy underwear and various styles can make women reflect their charm and make their bodies more sexy and charming.Buying sex underwear can also meet the inner needs through various channels, enhance your confidence and sexual interest, and bring a better life experience.

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