What kind of certificate need to produce sexy underwear

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a special type of underwear. It is usually made of different materials and color materials, which aims to improve sexual attractiveness and increase sexual experience.This underwear is generally considered to be a private sex toy between husband and wife. It has many different functions compared to ordinary underwear.The size and style have become very special to meet different sexual preferences.

Documents and qualifications for sexy underwear manufacturing

Production of sexy underwear requires many documents and qualifications.These documents may vary due to the manufacturing location and regulations.Generally, sexy underwear needs to be inspected by formally organized and certified agencies and obtains corresponding certificates.Some of these required certificates include business licenses, hygiene licenses, production licenses, and trademark registration certificates.

business license

Business license is the most basic certificate for any company.This certificate was awarded by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, which means that the company has registered and established and has obtained legal business qualifications.From the perspective of law and business, only by obtaining a business license can we have the right to independently carry out various economic activities.

Sanitary license

Hygiene permits are one of the indispensable documents to create sexy lingerie.As a special type of underwear, sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear we usually wear.Therefore, it needs to be specially checked to ensure that there is no dangerous substance, the quality of the material is excellent, and it will not cause harm to the human body.

Production License

Production license is another necessary certificate for making sexy underwear.Only after getting this certificate can the manufacturer move in the formal sexy underwear production and sales market.The approval of this document means that the manufacturer’s production process and process have passed the supervision and review of relevant departments.

Trademark registration certificate

Trademarks are precious assets of sexy underwear manufacturers, which can help them establish brands and increase their popularity.If you are making sexy underwear, then you should register an exclusive trademark as soon as possible.Trademarks can effectively prevent other companies from infringing your product intellectual property rights, and can also prevent other people’s brands from confusing with your interesting underwear.

How to apply for these certificates

Applying these certificates usually requires a series of complicated procedures.It is necessary to apply to relevant government departments, and then wait for the government’s review. New registered enterprises usually need more procedures and guarantees.It is recommended to seek help and suggestions for professionals when applying for these certificates to ensure that the faster you get them.

Certificate and qualifications improve the quality of product quality

With all necessary documents and qualifications, it means that each stage from production to sales has been strictly controlled and supervised, and the materials used in the products are very safe and legal.It can also promote the continuous improvement of production technology and technology, thereby improving the quality and brand credibility of the product, and allowing more customers to buy it.


Production of sexy underwear requires many certificates and qualifications.Certificate includes business licenses, hygiene licenses, production licenses, trademark registration certificates, and so on.Enterprises have these certificates and qualifications, which can provide guarantees for the safety and nature of the product, enable the enterprise to legalize and standardize, improve the quality and reputation of the product, and make more consumers more at ease when choosing underwear.

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