What kind of action to wear in sex underwear

What kind of action to wear in sex underwear

Interest underwear has become one of the most popular clothing of modern women.This type of clothing is exquisitely designed. Although it is difficult to wear, it has a high visual attractiveness after wearing it.So, what actions can we do when we wear this beautiful clothing?This article will introduce you.

1. Hair hair

When wearing a sexy underwear, you can imitate the movement of the model, pick up a strand of hair, open your mouth to vomit, and look very elegant and sexy.You can put the equipment on hand to play with it, adding visual effects.

2. Waving

Sexy and charming erotic underwear makes your body and arm more sexy.When you want to say hello to others, you can straighten your arms naturally, and swing and lift up in front of people to show your beautiful muscle lines.

3. Touch your cheeks

When you take photos on your circle of friends, WeChat, or other social media, use your hands to gently touch your eyes, cheeks or chin, which looks very fresh and has the wisdom of girls with a fun underwear.

4. Postering posture

When you sit down, you can gently cross a leg and put it on the other leg or overlap on your body. This can highlight your sexy and make people easier to notice you.

5. Afterwards

Many people often use this posture to take pictures, and they are also suitable for pose when wearing sex underwear.Lead back directly and look up at your head. The method is quite easy, and it can perfectly explain your neck lines, which is very eye -catching.

6. Side action

The side method is also very popular.Most of the cases, just stand on one side, distort your head to one side, and put your hands on the waist, and rotate your body slightly slowly at the side.Essence

7. Turn around

Many of the actions in front are guided by the front, and the turning action has become another beautiful posture.Just turn to one side gently, combing your hair or holding some small objects with one hand, adding a little smooth and variable movement to the body.

8. The tie when walking is unlocked

If you hold a mobile phone or other items in your hand, you can choose to unlock the collar when walking.This posture is very comfortable, allowing you to walk easily.

9. The movement of covering my lips in my hand

This action allows you to show a variety of expressions such as scaredness, dodge, hesitation, etc.Cover the lips gently with one hand, open and close freely, and at the same time show your jade finger.

10. Finger movements with full lines

If you know how to use your fingers to achieve artistic aesthetics, your visual effects will be very beautiful.With the lines of erotic lingerie, the visual effects displayed will be very eye -catching.

In short, when wearing sexy underwear, as long as you show yourself confidently and show your person with a bold attitude and action, anyone can become an excellent and charming beautiful woman.

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