What is the psychology of men looking at sex underwear

What is the psychology of men looking at sex underwear?

The sexy underwear market has always been the consumption field of women, but people often ignore men’s demand for sexy underwear.Under what circumstances do men choose to buy sexy underwear?In fact, the psychological needs of men are hidden. This article will discuss the psychology of men looking at sex underwear from the perspective of men’s psychology, and provide some references for female consumers.

1. Stimulate visual nerves

Many men want their partners to wear sexy sexy underwear. One of the important reasons is to stimulate male visual nerves, increase sexual stimuli, and stimulate men’s curiosity.Visual stimulation can evoke the strong and intuitive emotional experience of men, and increase the possibility of two people’s closeness.

2. Enhance the interest of sexual life

Men like to increase interest and fun in sexual life, which is also one of the reasons for the rise of the sex underwear industry today.Different types, colors, and styles of sexy underwear provide more choices for men, so that men can choose some experiences that make themselves happy with others and enhance their intimacy.

3. Meet your preferences

Many men have their own preferences, such as like watching beautiful women and different types of underwear.They may have been interested in sexy underwear since childhood to get a pleasure.For men, being able to get their favorite sexy visual effects is a satisfaction.

4. Fill the growing social pressure

Now that society is getting faster and fast, everyone is under great pressure.Men are busy at work and trivial life, and it is difficult to focus on the details of life.Therefore, when seeking some fun in fun life, they can seek happiness from sexy underwear to escape the pressure and relax themselves.

5. Maintain marriage relationship

Men generally think that women wear sexy underwear. This is more to cater to them, which is their honor.Therefore, women seen by men seeing sexy underwear are more likely to win the favor of men, helping to maintain marriage relationship and activate the emotions of both parties.

6. Improve self -confidence

Putting on sexy sexy underwear will increase the charm of women and help improve the self -confidence of men.Because when they see women wearing sexy underwear, they feel more attractive and attractive, so as to gain a more confident performance.

7. Get a taboo and rebellion

For some men, wearing sexy underwear is also a manifestation of rebellion.They like to seek fun from taboos, so as to get a different experience.For different men, the reasons for their sexy underwear are also different.

8. Seeking freshness

Some men think that freshness is very important for couples who are too tedious to sex.By looking for a fresh experience, such as wearing a sexy underwear, men can get more passion in marriage life and achieve emotional self -satisfaction.

9. Another gender observation method

The gender observation method when men look at women are very different from women, and they will insight and observe women’s body, details, and posture.For some men, real women’s bodies can no longer satisfy them. They are more inclined to observe women from other angles and gain sexual experience.

10. Establish a deeper interaction with women

Men buying sexy underwear is also to establish a deeper and diverse way of interactive ways with their partners.More interactive methods mean more possibilities and deeper emotional connections.

in conclusion:

Although the main consumers of the sexy underwear market are women, for men, sexy underwear is also a field that cannot be ignored.Men’s pursuit of sexual stimuli, satisfying sexual fantasies, etc. are often difficult to accept by women.However, if you can understand the psychological needs of men and get a reference from it, it will increase the emotional connection and intimacy between men and women.

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