What is the price of Dutch sex underwear

What is the price of Dutch sex underwear?

Dutch sex lingerie is very popular, and various styles of sexy underwear are complete, and the prices are relatively moderate.Let’s discuss the price of Dutch sex underwear in detail.

1. Basic model

The basic models of Dutch underwear are very practical and price-friendly. The average selling price is about 20-50 euros. The price is not too high. It is very suitable for people who have demand for sex underwear but are more sensitive to prices.

2. tulle model

The tulle style of the Dutch sex lingerie is very transparent and sexy. Most of the styles are between 30-70 euros. The price is relatively high, but it is more suitable for special occasions.

3. lace model

In the Netherlands, lace models are very popular, and most of the lace models are between 30-80 euros.This kind of sexy underwear is also suitable for special occasions.

4. Silk model

The silk models in Dutch underwear are also very popular. Most of the silk styles are between 50-100 euros and the price is relatively high, but the material of underwear is very high-end.

5. Theme model

The theme styles in Dutch underwear are very interesting, such as Christmas theme models, such as 30-70 euros.The theme styles are usually only suitable for wearing on specific occasions.

6. hollow model

The hollow style in the Dutch underwear is very special. Most of the hollow styles are between 30-70 euros and the price is relatively low, which is very suitable for general occasions.

7. Advanced model

The price of high-level styles in the Netherlands underwear is between 100-300 euros and is very suitable for consumers who want to enjoy high-end enjoyment and quality.

8. Leather model

The price of leather in Dutch lingerie is relatively high. The average selling price is between 80-150 euros. This kind of sexy lingerie is special and requires special occasions.

9. Male model

The price of men’s styles in Dutch lingerie is relatively low. Most styles are between 20-50 euros, and they are also suitable for men who want to try sex underwear.

10. Customized money

The custom style in Dutch underwear can be produced according to the needs of consumers. The price varies from due to the situation, and it depends on the comprehensive factors such as the specific customization level and material.

Taken together, the Dutch sex lingerie is moderate and there are many varieties. You can choose different styles of sexy underwear according to personal preferences and needs. The price is also flexible, suitable for consumers at different levels.

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