What is better to sell for sex underwear


As a sexy, interesting and unique clothing, sexy underwear has become the choice of more and more women.For women who want to experience some new things, sexy underwear is a very attractive choice.If you are a merchant selling interesting underwear, you should consider a question: What should I give away when selling sexy underwear?Next we will explore this topic.

Customized small gift

As a sexy underwear merchant, when selling sexy underwear, you can provide customers with customized small gifts.For example, some customized key chains, flash stickers, cups or custom laptops.These small gifts will help you win the favor of customers and let them remember your store.

Set special

While selling sexy underwear, you can provide some sets of special offers.For example, you can get some small gifts to buy a set of sexy underwear, such as pink eye masks or stockings.In addition, you can put a few fun underwear together into a theme -based suit, which is more attractive.

Beauty cosmetics gift

As a sexy underwear merchant, you can give some beauty cosmetics.For example, lipstick, nail polish or eye shadow tray.These gifts not only make customers happy, but also increase your sales.

Free Shipping

When you sell sexy underwear online, you can provide non -mailing services.Because many customers are discouraged because of the high postage when they buy.If you can provide free mail -free services, you will greatly increase your sales.

Good customer service

Providing good customer service is a very important factor.You can provide customers with some professional opinions and suggestions to help them find the sexy underwear that suits them best.Whenever you, you should answer customer questions and solve their questions.This will make customers more trust and satisfaction with your store.


It is a great way to provide customers with coupons.You can provide some coupons when they place an order and tell them that there will be more discounts and special activities for the next purchase.This will inspire customers to buy more sexy underwear in your store.

Festive special gift

You can provide special gifts on some special festivals, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.You can provide customers with some special customized gifts so that they feel special and return to your store.

Thank you card

Thanks to customers for their thoughts is a very good way.When you provide some gifts to your customers, you can write a handwritten thank you card.Make them very important and noticed.

in conclusion

When selling sexy underwear, the email should contain any of the above combinations.Make sure your customers know their status in your store and be treated well.Provide good customer service and quality products, let them return to your store again.

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