What do you want to say after wearing a sexy underwear

What do you want to say after wearing a sexy underwear

Sex underwear is often regarded as a representative of increasing interest and charm of sex. They are usually lace, red or black, and even various theme styles to choose from.Putting on sex underwear makes you feel mysterious, unique and attractive.However, after wearing a sexy underwear, what do you need to say?This article will provide you with eight suggestions.

When choosing sexy underwear

First of all, when you choose a sexy underwear, you need to clarify your preferences and requirements.Please make sure you have chosen the correct size and style so that you can feel the most comfortable and more confident when you wear sexy underwear.When you buy sexy underwear, it can be said: "I need a soft and breathable underwear, which makes me wear comfortable and sexy."

Encourage others to become sexual underwear

Interest underwear is not only to show their charm, but also to encourage others to become the role they want.For example, when you discuss whether they like to wear sex underwear with your partner, it can be said: "We can choose sexy underwear together to let us play our favorite characters happily in bed."

Highlight personal characteristics

When you put on a sexy underwear, you should realize that you are not only beautiful and sexy, but also your own personal characteristics.You can emphasize your eyes, lips, curves and other characteristics.Of course, don’t forget to say, "This sexy underwear is really suitable for me."

Don’t condemn yourself

Sometimes when we wear sexy underwear, we may feel inferior and uneasy because of their body or appearance.Don’t scold yourself at this time.On the contrary, you should find a way to make yourself feel better. For example, he appreciates himself and said, "This sexy underwear is really suitable for me."

Shout your expectations

After wearing a sexy underwear, you will definitely have your own expectations and ideas.You hope to have a closer and more passionate experience.You can tell your partner in a clear language: "I put on this set of sexy underwear to hope that we have a more passionate and deeper experience."

Emphasize each other’s beauty

When your partner puts on sexy underwear, you should give full praise and affirmation to their beauty.You can say, "You put on this sexy underwear, it’s really sexy."This will make your partner feel happy and confident, so as to share close time with you.

Show your lace

When you put on sexy underwear, lace is usually an indispensable element.The way of lace is often impressive.When you show your lace, it can be said, "This lace is really beautiful." This makes you look more confident and sexy.

You can ask about sex issues

When wearing sexy underwear, you and your partner have a more natural and open language and atmosphere.This is when you can ask any sexual issues you care about.For example, saying: "We can try this, which will be more exciting."


Wearing sex underwear is a pleasant way to enhance the intimate relationship between yourself and his partner.When wearing sexy underwear and enjoying time, you should relax yourself, enjoy these moments, and declare loudly your charm and confidence, so that you can show the sexiest and charming side.

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