What do I need to learn about sexy underwear design

What is sexy underwear design

Interesting underwear design refers to the design tailor -made for customers based on the principles of ergonomics and sexual science, for factors such as different human curves, needs and occasions, and the appearance of sexy appearance with visual impact and can also be comfortable to care for the body.Create sexy, romantic and erotic atmosphere, enhance the feelings between couples, and improve the quality of sex.

What knowledge and skills are needed for sexy underwear design

Interesting underwear design needs to master a variety of knowledge and skills such as ergonomics, textile engineering, cutting sewing, art design, and market research.

The application of ergonomic principles in sexy underwear design

The design of sexy underwear should consider the human curve, and design the appropriate version and tailoring according to the principles of ergonomics, which not only ensures the beauty of the underwear, but also provides a comfortable dressing experience.

Textile engineering requirements for sexy underwear materials

Interesting underwear materials need to have a variety of characteristics such as breathable, soft, comfortable, and antibacterial. This requires designers to master a certain textile engineering knowledge and select the appropriate fabric, line head and accessories to make high quality.

The importance of cutting sewing technology in the production of sexy underwear

Interest underwear requires fine manufacturing technology and meticulous hand -sewing. Senior tailoring and sewing technology can make the underwear more fit the body and fully blend with the body, making the matching object more satisfactory.

The application of art design in sexy underwear design

In addition to the comfort of sexy underwear, it also needs to have visual aesthetics. This requires designers to use artistic design ability and aesthetic concepts to cleverly use elements such as colors, patterns, and lines to create a unique sex atmosphere.

Market research and consumer demand analysis are an important foundation for sexy underwear design

The design of sexy underwear must be centered on customers, paying attention to the needs and psychology of customers, and accurately grasping market developments in order to design sexy underwear welcomed by customers.

The design style and characteristics of European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear focuses on sexy, disclosure and publicity, focusing on the combination of curve beauty and color, and has a high artistic and stage sense.Its brand diversification, including Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, etc.

The design style and characteristics of Japanese sex lingerie

The design of Japanese sexy underwear focuses on cuteness, cuteness, and seductiveness, which reflects the design of elements such as "lace edge" and "bow". The color is relatively single, but it is extremely delicate.Its brands include Ridge, Ube, Annebra, etc.

Sexual Emotional Lingerie Design Skills

Sexual and emotional underwear must grasp color, lace, cutting and details, etc., focusing on noble, elegant, and use design methods such as simplicity, brightness, smooth lines, etc. to create very interesting underwear, creating new visual and physical feelings for wearersEssence


The knowledge and skills required for sex underwear design are very diverse. We must pay attention to ergonomics, textile engineering, cutting sewing and market research, in order to design high -quality sexy lingerie, which is popular with customers.

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