What body is suitable for sexy underwear

1. Understand the design principle of love lingerie

Before choosing sexy underwear, you need to understand the design principles of different styles.Interest underwear is mainly sexy, lace and restraint.Sexy sexy underwear shows female sexy charm, lace -type sexy underwear often shows a romantic atmosphere, and restraint sexy underwear often pays attention to clavicle, chest and waist.

2. Vote for your upper body line

If your body line is better, with obvious collarbone and lines that pass through the chest, you can choose to restrain the sexy underwear to highlight these outline lines.

3. Bullishness of the waist

If you have a relatively obvious waist curve, you can choose high waist sexy underwear, which can highlight your advantages.

4. chest size

For women with larger chests, you must choose sexy underwear with supporting coasters, so as to better wrap the chest while avoiding the unsatisfactory situation of chest expansion or jitter.

5. Shoulder lines also need to be followed

Some erotic underwear may need to rely on more obvious shoulder lines to show more perfect display. At this time, you need to have better shoulder lines. After wearing sexy underwear, you can play better results.

6. Who is suitable for ultra -high waist underwear

Some ultra -high waist -fun underwear will better present the lines of women’s waist, suitable for women with a relatively prominent waistline.If your waistline is not obvious, wearing high waist underwear may emphasize your shortcomings, so pay attention to matching.

7. How to choose shoulder straps

If your shoulder lines are not beautiful and obvious, you may wish to choose sexy underwear with exquisite shoulder straps to modify these problems, but you must grasp the size of the selection flexibly. Excessive or small shoulder straps will affect comfort and beauty.

8. Effect of skin color

Skin color affects the choice of sexy underwear.If your skin tone is fair, you can choose bright colors sexy underwear, such as white, nude, etc.; If your skin tone is more neutral or dark, choosing a dark sexy underwear may be more suitable.

9. Avoid that underwear is too tight and loose

No matter what type of sexy underwear, it needs to be suitable for its own size.Excessive erotic lingerie can easily cause the skin to produce marks, and it will also affect comfort and beauty; over -loose erotic underwear will lose the modification of the underwear itself.

10. What is the body that is most suitable for sexy underwear?

In fact, any figure can wear sexy underwear.Choosing a style suitable for your body, maintaining self -confidence and pride, will make everyone the best displayer of sexy underwear.

The last suggestion is that when choosing a sexy underwear, you can let your lover come together to choose the right style and size together, which can better present your advantages and beauty.

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