What are the benefits of opening a sexy underwear

What are the benefits of opening a sexy underwear

What is the opening of the gear and sexy sheet

Open sexy underwear refers to the design of the spoiler underwear in the lower part, which is simply a cave underwear.

Convenient for sex

Opening the sexy underwear can make couples more convenient when sexual sex. There is no need to take off the entire underwear, just open the opening.

Increasing sexual stimulus

Putting on the stall sex underwear can make sex more exciting, let couples try more novel sexual sexual ways and increase fun.

Convenient toilet

Compared to the full -closed sexy underwear, the sexy underwear can be more convenient to the toilet, avoiding the embarrassment of getting off the underwear when going to the toilet.

Good breathability

The opening of the lower part of the sexy underwear can enhance the breathability and avoid excessive humidity of the private parts.

Reduce allergies

Some people will have an allergic reaction to full -closed sexy underwear, and the opening of sexy underwear can avoid this problem and make people more comfortable.

Convenient for oral sex

Putting on the open -stall underwear can make couples more convenient for oral sex. There is no need to take off their underwear. Both sides can enjoy the pleasure.

Rich in design

The sexy lingerie style on the market is very rich. It has different colors, materials, and styles to meet the needs of different people.

High comfort

Compared with ordinary erotic underwear, the design of the sexy lingerie is more humane, and the selected materials are also softer and more comfortable.

increase self-confidence

Putting on a beautiful open -stall erotic underwear can increase self -confidence and exude a sexy and charming atmosphere.


In general, there are many advantages in the convenience, irritation, breathability, comfort, and design of the opening sexy underwear, but don’t forget that everyone’s needs are different. Choosing a suitable erotic underwear is the most important thing.Essence

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